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One-step system for tamper-proof data acquisition and archiving

Solution Storage device with advanced data encryption
Industry Data Storage
Engagement model Dedicated Development Team
Methodology Agile
  • Firmware Engineers



The client addressed Softeq to help them integrate the WORM (Write Once, Read-Many) technology into their flash memory cards to provide the ability to safely keep sensitive data like security camera video, court testimonies, and cash register records.


Police Protection

Japanese police agencies were among the first who incorporated the new secure technology. Since some certain crimes in Japan are not subject to statute of limitations, the ability to retain evidence for many decades is a must. Japanese law enforcement agencies have integrated the “tamper-proof” cards into its forensic image archiving system to reap the following benefits:

  • Utilize tamper-proof image capture and archiving to assure the accuracy and legitimacy of forensic evidence
  • Store data files safely for up to 100 years
  • Use enhanced digital photography instead for evidence collection (traditionally, forensic images have been stored on 35mm film, which degrades faster compared to modern day digital media. Moreover, it is slow, inconvenient and increasingly difficult to procure)

The memory card provides easy handling: a police officer simply inserts the card into an SD WORM-compatible digital camera and captures images. Later, they can be transferred to a computer with the originals remaining intact on the WORM card. After extensive testing, Japanese police agencies continue to use it in all units - for police officers, investigators, and other law enforcement officials.

Advanced Encryption

Built on the TrustedFlash™ platform with integrated digital rights management capabilities, the WORM-enabled SD card utilizes RSA 128/256 algorithm for public-key cryptography and supports the leading advanced encryption standards such as AES 128/256, SHA 128/256, and Digital Certificate.


WORM-enabled SD cards have proven invaluable for a wide array of fields where having convenient access to protected data like video, audio, confidential information, and personal data, is especially critical.

This technology has also been widely adopted in the commercial sectors by suppliers of music, games, films and other content that sell products for mobile phones, laptops, PDAs and other portable devices, either in the form of cards available in retail stores or as downloadable files.

TrustedFlash™ is a trademark of SanDisk Corporation.