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Custom Firmware for Beacon-enabled Digital Intelligence Platform

Powers small memory devices and extends beaconsโ€™ battery life

The client is a US company that develops digital solutions for retailers. The company helps them track assets and directly engage with customers.

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Footmarks turned to Softeq to upgrade firmware for its beacon-powered digital intelligence platform.

Our team was employed to:

  • Move the firmware to a more advanced system on a chip (SoC)
  • Make it BLE 5.0-compatible



The solution caters to several environments. In retail and advertising, it delivers personalized customer experience. In the workplace, the platform helps protect intellectual property and physical assets. It also can be used at sports venues, where proximity technologies help engage the audience through personalization, gamification, and interactivity.

  • Runs on a power-efficient hardware platform (Nordic nRF52)
  • Supports BLE 5.0
  • Works with low-memory iBeacons 
  • Optimizes beaconsโ€™ internal operation to prevent battery drain

The beacon-enabled platform is an end-to-end proximity solution that provides real-time analytics on user behavior. Its capabilities include:

  • Delivering contextual notifications to customers in brick-and-mortar locations
  • Tracking assets and employee behavior in the workplace
  • Engaging sports fans through gamification and interactivity
Provisioning app

To support internal beacon parameter customization during the device manufacturing, the Softeq team developed a provisioning application. With the app, a device manufacturing company can set up custom parameters for an entire lot of the produced devices.

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