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Laser Measuring Device for Activity Tracking, Video Recording, and Streaming

Measures the reaction, agility and velocity of runners at a certain route section

The client is a consulting agency providing corporate management and marketing strategy assistance. The company wanted to build a device to support sports events and activities.

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The client needed a compact and accurate laser-powered device. It had to track activities and provide video recording and streaming. Softeq was employed for a comprehensive R&D session and for manufacturing a device sample.

Our team was responsible for the enclosure, schematic design, Wi-Fi network integration, indoor location system implementation, and laser gyro stabilization.



The multipurpose device allows sports activities tracking, video recording and live streaming, as well as integration with social networks. The solution’s main differentiators are automatic laser calibration and high measurement precision. The basic function of the installation is time-keeping of passage of the running distance using laser optical sensors.

The product also serves to measure the reaction, agility, and velocity of runners or any participant at a certain route section and direction and then transfer the data to a PC. The system implies catering for schools, sports clubs, and event agencies.


Laser gyrostabilization

Carrying out a comprehensive R&D session, the team solved the problem of step motor management by means of pulse width modulation on standard GPIO microcontrollers. This structural arrangement ensures the laser being securely fixed and stable, so that no motion of the device body would affect it.

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The team accomplished the hardware development phase and completed a sample manufacturing. The device’s design and material specifications, as well as performance and inspection documentation, meet the following international standards: IPC-2612, IPC-2221, IPC-7351B, IPC-4562, IPC-4101, IPC-A-600, IPC-A-610. The device was delivered to the client to get tested and approved before proceeding with further development phases.