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  • C++
  • Objective-C


One of the biggest and most famous sports brands in the world.


The customer was looking to explore additional usage options for its advanced wearable tech. The company turned to Softeq, its long-term mobile development partner, to create a proof-of-concept app targeting surfers.

The team was to develop a POC app that would enable surfers to track and analyze their performance during a surfing session based on multiple professional surfing criteria. The app was expected to support online data synchronization, as well as visualization of the surfing route on the map, and results sharing capability.


The app consists of several modules:

  • Synchronization module. Enables raw data download (e.g. route coordinates, accelerometer data, etc.) from the server.
  • Graphical representation module. Implements map drawing of the surfer's route in real time.
  • Sharing module. Allows sharing results (routes) with the user’s friends.

Besides the GPS and accelerometer data, the application also processes such information as burned calories count, track distance, session duration, start and stop time of the session, etc.


To realize the capability of drawing the surfer’s route over the map, the team implemented an algorithm for approximating the path coordinates taking into account possible changes to the map properties such as scale, rotation angle, and its position during the runtime. All calculations had to be performed fast to prevent application freezes.


Softeq’s team followed the iterative development practice to insure each functional feature of the application was in sync with the delivery requirements.


The project was delivered on time and on budget demonstrating solution’s feasibility and potential use cases. Softeq’s team once again proved its mobile application development expertise by providing complete technological realization of the desired user features.

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