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Mobile Sports App Prototype for a Global Brand


The client is a global sports brand. Its athlete division unit creates products for training improvement. The unit needed a mobile solution that would help trainers track athletes’ results.

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The customer wanted an efficient software tool to automate capturing and analyzing results, rather than processing them manually. The app needed to provide access to video records and data visualization of each athlete.



The team created an iOS application prototype for athlete training evaluation. The solution supports the full cycle of an assessment session workflow: 

  • Session launch.  The athlete must go through all the test drills choosing an arbitrary number of trials.
  • Video recording. An operator or a coach uses an iPad to record the athlete performing each drill.
  • Video analysis. Once the recording is finished, the operator or the coach can add special markers to the video. At the same time, the app performs a multi-parameter analysis of the results based on the athlete’s weight, age, and time taken to perform the drill, or the distance covered.
  • Video uploading. After session completion, the videos can be batch-uploaded to the athlete’s Youtube account.
Distinctive Features

The app’s key features include:

  • Radar Plot — displays the current physical state of the athlete, including their weak and strong points, as well as their achievement progress, by mapping the previous and latest session results calculated in real time.
  • Slowmo — shooting a video with subsequent playback in slow motion entirely, or any part on demand. 
  • Frame-based image analysis — possibility to review and edit the videos taken during the session adding special markers.
  • Cropping — an option to modify the video length.
  • PDF Reports with stats on the athlete’s performance

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The prototype was delivered in a shorter time frame and with a wider range of features than initially expected. It is already used in athlete training, currently featuring four drills that include Shoulder Mobility exercises, the 40-yard Dash, Countermovement Jumps, and Flash Push-ups.