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Action Sports Performance Tracking Solution

Trick and move detection with real-time activity data overlays

The client had a demo app that powered a puck-like device used in action sports. The solution showcased several features but didnโ€™t work as a whole platform.

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The customer relied on the Softeq expertise to transform the prototype mobile app into a fully functional demo solution

After the upgrade, the system would help athletes improve their technique and track progress.



The device with an in-built advanced compute module, 9-axis sensor, and GPS system can be mounted onto a gamut of sports equipment, including snowboard, surfboard, skateboard, BMX bike, wakeboard, basketball, and more. Paired with a specially developed app, the complete solution is set to enable professional and casual sports enthusiasts to improve their technical skills by tracking the trick-making progress.

Using radio or BLE frequency technology, the mobile app connects wirelessly to the sensor that works with accelerometers and gyroscopes providing for the following capabilities:

  • Recording a full HD video of the trick, while retrieving data from the sensor unit

  • Showing video preview with:

    - Charts generated based on the data retrieved from the sensor unit

    - Real-time speed parameters based on a customized speed calculation algorithm

    - Real-time 3D spinning model

    - Trick and move recognition

  • Exporting video into app, while adding an overlay of charts, patterns, and speed values

  • Supporting external cameras


When customizing the speed calculation algorithm, the team worked around the problem of processing big chunks of data retrieved from multiple sensor units using a complex filtering mechanism. The team also had to come up with solutions for overcoming the UWP technical limitations.

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The solution was test-driven in a real-world environment by a pro surfer, who confirmed the viability of the system under development. The extended version of the demo app was showcased during a public presentation at a development conference organized by the customer.