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iBeacon-Enabled Mobile App

Instant notifications about deals and special offers

The client provides software for supply chain logistics and warehouse management in retail. The client wanted to create a mobile app to facilitate an entirely new shopping experience. The solution targeted the UK supermarket industry.

Case Highlights

  • Pushes instant notifications about deals and special offers to a userโ€™s mobile device
  • Employs user authentication and authorization methods
  • Supplemented with a web-based dashboard and admin console for managing content and viewing statistics
Project Information
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The customer engaged Softeq to develop an iBeacon-enabled mobile application. This app would send push notifications to customers about deals and special offers.

The client also required the solution to analyze user behavior and allow an administrator to periodically manage content. So, the client tasked us with creating an accessible and informative web-based dashboard and admin console.


Application Functionality

Softeq developed an iBeacon-enabled mobile application that pushes notifications about deals and special offers available at a given point of sale to users. The alerts are triggered when the user steps into an iBeacon zone.

Dashboard and Admin Console

The team also developed a web-based dashboard and admin console for managing content, iBeacons, application themes (e.g. colors, and logos for app distribution purposes), and deals, as well as viewing statistics and reports.


The app employs user authentication and authorization methods.

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Project Outcomes

The resulting solution consists of an iBeacon-enabled mobile app, a web-based dashboard, and an admin console. After the solution was delivered, the customer engaged Softeq for another project.