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  • Android
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A provider of supply chain, warehouse management, logistics software and EPoS software for the wholesale and retail food distribution industry.


The client was looking for an experienced service provider with demonstrated competency in mobile technologies, mature project management skills coupled with coherent communication capabilities. Softeq stood out through diversified mobile project portfolio, thorough knowledge of project management methodologies and usage relevancy, as well as years of experience in running projects in a distributed team environment, which requires efficient communication techniques.

The customer was potentially targeting the UK food retail distribution businesses to accommodate their needs for pumping up the traditional sales process with advanced technological features.


Softeq developed an iBeacon-enabled mobile application that pushes notifications about deals and special offers available at the given point of sale to a user. The alerts are triggered when the user steps into an iBeacon zone. Additionally a web-based dashboard and administration console was created to allow a dedicated user to manage content, iBeacons, application themes (e.g. colors, logos for the app distribution purposes), deals, as well as to view statistics and reports.


The app employs user authentication and authorization methods.


The team followed a conventional Waterfall-based software development process due to well-defined requirements availability.


The client’s feedback on the team’s performance and project delivery was 100% positive. Content with the results, the customer selected Softeq as a provider of choice for another upcoming project.

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