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Cloud-Based Digital Platform for Sustainability and Assessing Environmental Impact

Analyzes data captured by drones, satellites, and on-ground sensors and helps businesses assess nature-related risks and opportunities

The client is a data infrastructure and analytics startup based in Iceland.

Case Highlights

  • Captures environmental data with drones, satellites, and on-ground sensors
  • Evaluates business impact on the environment
Project Information
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UX/UI Designers


Business Analyst


Front-End Developer


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The client has created a digital platform that targets companies that need to assess and disclose their impact on nature. These include energy and mining companies and food and beverage producers.

Svarmi wanted to upgrade their platform so that it grows into a scalable business. They aimed to expand the market and enter the international arena. To achieve this, they needed help in product development and the relevant technical competency. Outreach to potential investors would also help them take the product to the next level. Svarmi enrolled in a program by Softeq Venture Studio. It is designed to provide access to tech and business expertise, and funding.


Cloud-Based Digital Platform for Sustainability

The solution is a digital platform that helps businesses assess their impact on the environment. It captures data from the target user areas with the help of satellites, drones, and on-ground sensors and then generates insights on how activity impacts nature. In particular, it can spot areas of biodiversity that could be affected by production activities. With the tool, companies can use metrics to identify business risks and opportunities.

UX/UI Redesign

Svarmi’s initial request was to upgrade UX and UI, so we worked on improving user experience and the visual presentation of information in the app. To do this, Softeq created a new look and feel to make the solution more modern and user-friendly. We also created a better user flow to revamp navigation and improve the app’s logic.

Expanded Functionality

While working with Softeq, Svarmi came up with an idea for new functionality. It would allow users to get reports on their environmental impact directly in the app. In one dashboard, users could access relevant metrics and a map. To make this happen, we helped the client define the right features for this new functionality and then build it from scratch. The Venture Studio enhanced the Svarmi team with much-needed front-end capabilities.

To get the report in a new dashboard, an app user adds their locations and the different types of water and energy resources used for production. Then, they get all insights presented in one dashboard. Within it, it’s possible to view the map of the target location from different angles and in various modes such as 3D and heat map. It’s also possible to filter the information by date to compare the environmental impact over time. The solution shows protected areas. For example, it spots vulnerable species that may be affected by the company’s activities.

The Role of the Softeq Venture Studio

To learn how to efficiently level up their product, Svarmi joined the Softeq Venture Studio. It’s a three-month program followed by a series of demo days. For three months, the Softeq team and invited mentors work on a startup’s MVP. At the end of the program, the studio arranges the demo day, where startups can pitch their projects to professional investors. Besides tech expertise and consulting services, the Softeq Venture Studio provides funding.

The VS program gave Svarmi the opportunity to access a startup ecosystem in Houston, Texas and across the US, obtain their required tech competencies, and establish valuable connections.


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Current Stage

The project is in its active phase. Softeq is upgrading the client’s web application to allow them to land more customers and release an updated version within a limited time and budget. We helped the startup bolster their in-house team with our full-stack design and development expertise.