An Integration Solution for a Video Surveillance System

Accelerates reviewing and searching for videos and enables comprehensive video analysis

Solution Video Analytics Integration Infrastructure
Industry Software and Technology
Engagement model T&M (Time and Materials)
Methodology Waterfall
  • Software Engineer
  • QA Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Delivery Manager


Case Highlights

  • Video and metadata transmission to an analytics platform
  • Displaying the analytics platform interface in the customer’s portal

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The customer specializes in manufacturing consumer electronics products and has its own web-based video surveillance system for centralized IP camera viewing and management from any server. The customer wanted to integrate a third-party video analytics platform with their existing system. In the event of an incident, the platform would allow security officers to review hours of video data in mere minutes and rapidly pinpoint people and objects of interest.

As the two systems operate different domain models, it was necessary to implement an adapter to allow for data transmission. The client turned to Softeq to develop an integration solution so that the two systems would work together.


Solution Design

The Softeq engineers built a solution to enable the integration of a video content analytics platform with the customer’s enterprise video management system. The solution consists of two parts:

1. A proxy web service for video and metadata transmission between the customer’s video storage and the analytics platform
2. A plugin to display the analytics platform UI in the customer’s web portal

Using the solution, the customer will be able to comprehensively and quickly analyze a video snippet within a specified interval. The solution helps:

  • Simultaneously collate objects or people that have appeared at different times within the video
  • Through accurate object recognition technology, the system uses advanced multi-camera search to identify people and vehicles, as well as any other item
  • Search for objects similar in appearance
  • Search and identify the location and distance between individuals
  • Extract and aggregate video metadata


The solution utilizes security protocols selected by the customer.


Project Outcomes

Softeq met the deadline and helped get the product to market on time. The resulting solution facilitates effective video review and search, face recognition, real-time alerting, and quantitative video insights and fully corresponds to all the customer’s technical requirements.