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Android App with Smart Audio-Processing Algorithms

An algorithm based assistive audio recording application


Multiplatform audio recording app


 Software and Technology

Engagement model

Fixed Price



  • Software Engineer
  • Software QA Engineer
  • Project Manager



The client needed a development partner with extensive audio and software application building experience, while having the project management and quality controls organized against the U.S. standards.

The client faced the problem of insufficient suppression of high-frequency and low-frequency noises which significantly impacted the quality of the recorded audio.
Softeq was employed to deliver a solution that aids students with dyslexic problems in grasping the lecture material by recording the lecturer’s speech and analyzing it during playback. So high audio recording quality was a key factor.


It is an audio recording mobile application that allows the creation of audio files organized in a simple PC-style filing system for easy retrieval of recordings. The audio and bookmark files can be uploaded to a number of note-taking management programs for subsequent playback, editing and further study.

To achieve high quality of the recording, the Softeq team implemented custom regulators to compensate for noise distortions based on a special algorithm. It enables the app to assess the incoming sound properties and process it so that it corresponds to a more acceptable quality level by verifying the following parameters:

  • Checking the Automatic Gain Control of the device is in ‘Off’ mode
  • Measuring the RMS sound level and depending on the min and max threshold set modifying it to the required value if the sound is: constantly high, constantly low, high sharp

Technical Characteristics:

  • Allows up to 100 hours recording depending on the device
  • Records in MP4 and WAV file formats
  • Offers 4 different quality settings

Functional Features:

  • An unlimited number of bookmarks enabling the user to record and then scroll between bookmarks during the playback for easier note-taking recall, editing and analysis
  • Taking photographs while recording, store and export with the associated audio and bookmark files
  • Easy manipulation of files and folders
  • Export via email, Dropbox or WiFi
  • Listen and record at the same time
  • Tuner
  • Black background lighting option for use in darkened lecture halls or classrooms


The project has been delivered by the deadline allowing enough time for bug fixing and successful commercial launch of the application on Google Play and the App Store.