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  • C++


A globally diversified oilfield products company


The client required a service provider with strong roots in embedded software development. With low-level programming, embedded software engineering and hardware design being among the company’s focus areas of expertise pursued for over a decade, Softeq stood out with a rich project portfolio of embedded solutions successfully delivered to a roster of global clients.

To be able to make more efficient use of its drilling equipment, the client wanted to optimize data transfer that took place during well boring. The process was too slow and caused significant production losses as a result of extended equipment downtime. Recorded in actual downhole conditions, the data was stored in the internal 4 GB NAND flash memory integrated in a drill bit and extracted during a 30-minute break allocated for replacing the tool.


Softeq’s team delivered a solution based on the embedded TCP/IP stack operating as follows:

  • NAND flash memory subsystem initialization
  • NAND timing fine-tuning for read/write speed optimization
  • Network subsystem initialization, including DHCP, to request a network address
  • Embedded LwIP stack optimization to increase data transfer rate
  • Launch of a client application that downloads the data from NAND flash memory through TCP/IP stack


The team employed Scrum, an iterative and incremental agile software development methodology, working in sprints.


As a result of the code and hardware optimization, the data is now transferred within a record 11 minutes which is a 300% improvement compared to the initial result. Happy with the delivery, the customer plans to engage Softeq in the stabilization phase that implies granting full access to the proprietary IP (e.g. code and production tools).

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