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HMI and Embedded Software for Stretch Wrapping Machines

Facilitates human-to-machine interactions, supports equipment diagnostics

Lantech manufactures packaging and material handling equipment for warehouses and industrial companies. The company’s catalog features automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappers, case erectors, and case sealers.

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The company turned to Softeq to design a front-end solution that would help equipment operators interface with stretch wrappers, re-engineer the embedded software the equipment was running on, and consult their internal firmware development team.


Front end/HMI

With the new HMI, equipment operators can control the wrapping process by setting the following parameters:

  • Load weight

  • Load shape and size

  • Containment force

  • Film width and thickness

  • Revolutions number

  • Wrapping pattern parameters

  • Load parameters, which can be stored as custom profiles to facilitate repeat data entry

Embedded software

The embedded software interlinks the UI level with and equipment’s operations to allow the operator to:

  • Variate all the details of the wrapping process

  • Activate the stretch wrappers’ embedded controllers using load parameters, entered manually or collected from wrappers-integrated intelligent sensors

  • Perform equipment diagnostics

  • Enable manual jog mode

  • Create custom profiles, logs, and reports

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Ibrahim Regional Business Development
Manager, Americas


Even though the client did not provide a detailed project specification, Softeq managed to investigate the subject to the full extent and made a valuable contribution to the industrial IoT project:

  • We created an easily modifiable QML-based front end suitable for all types of the Lantech packaging equipment
  • We fixed bugs and solved critical issues affecting the performance of the embedded software, which had been programmed by a 3rd-party team

Happy with the end result, the client went from the T&M to the Dedicated Team engagement model and hired our specialist full-time.