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C/C++ Development Services

Our C++ software development team is capable of building multimedia software, desktop apps, SDKs, and utilities as well as providing broad support packages.

20+ YEARS Providing C/C++ programming services
8 MONTHS Average project duration
50+ Successfully completed C/C++ projects
80K+ Developer hours invested yearly
  • Lead engineers
  • Senior engineers
  • Mid-level engineers

Key C/C++ Technology Competence

  • Compillers

    Clang, GCC, LLVM, MSVC

  • Debuggers


  • Builds

    Make, Autotools, CMake, Ninja, Meson

  • Standards

    MISRA C, C89/99/11, C++11/14/17

  • Multimedia

    FFmpeg, GStreamer, WebRTC, SDL, OpenGL

  • Network

    IPv4, IPv6, NAT traversal, MESH, Wireless

  • Databases

    SQLite, PostgreSQL, NoSQL

  • Protocols

    Google Protobuf, REST, XML-RPC

  • OSs

    AOSP, Linux, Mac OS, RTOS, Windows, DSP

  • Security

    SSL, SSH, Crypto

  • UI

    Qt/QML, wxWidgets, GTK

  • Assistance

    Code Review, Consulting, CI/CD Integration

How We Work

Dedicated Development Team

We know how to put together С/С++ teams of skilled software engineers with the relevant skill set, and grow them quickly, if an increase in capacity is required.


Flexible Engagement Possibilities

We’ll analyse your project requirements and suggest the engagement option that will best suit your business needs. Depending on the project complexity, it could be Dedicated Development Team, Fixed Price, or Time and Materials.


Full-stack Capabilities

Softeq offers full-cycle C/C++ development services. We offer cross-platform desktop and system app development, software porting, app maintenance and support, and dedicated teams of C++ developers for hire.

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Margarita Account Manager

Networking and Communication Technologies Expertise

Our engineers are skilled in widely deployed communication technologies and their respective message encoding techniques, including Wi-Fi, IR, GPS, RFID, and Bluetooth, just to name a few. We were also involved in the development of EtherCAT, a fieldbus technology that enables automation applications to achieve shorter data update times, lower communication jitter, and decreases hardware costs.

Development Services for Custom Android-based Devices

Softeq leverages its C++ mobile development expertise to develop solutions for custom Android-based mobile devices. Based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) approach, we develop custom variations of the Android OS, port the Android operating system to custom devices, and optimize the software for your hardware.

Facial Recognition

We are proven experts in high-performance computing technologies like the OpenCL framework and the OpenCV library of programming functions that provide support of software execution across CPU and GPU driven platforms. Whether we’re processing a static image or a moving object captured in a video, our C++ app development team knows how to implement application programs with advanced real-time face detection, recognition, and person identification by gender, age and ethnicity. Our specialists will make sure the hardware environment underlying your complex software solution is robust enough to ensure reliable, speedy, and fault-tolerant operation.