Smart Athleticwear Back End and Cloud Infrastructure

Telemedicine smart suit for remote health and movement control and analysis.

Solution Web, Back End, and Front End for a Smart Suit
Industry Healthcare
Engagement model T&M (time and materials)
Methodology Agile
  • Business Analyst
  • Back-End Developers
  • Front-End Developer
  • Tech Lead
  • Project Manager


Solution Highlights

  • Provides remote control and analysis of health indicators
  • Sorts data by certain criteria
  • Sends captured data to the cloud
  • Enables large data volumes sending
  • Provides different levels of data access
  • Ensures HIPAA compliance of sensitive data

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The client had a hardware part of their smart training suit and a mobile app developed by a third party. They needed to turn their smart suit into an IoT solution.

Softeq was employed to develop the web as well as front-end and mainly back-end parts. The data gathered by the suit's sensors had to be sent to the cloud for further sharing with movement professionals - therapists, clinicians, trainers, job demands specialists, etc.

The hardware had to communicate with the back end, cloud, or mobile app depending on the data access requirements.


Business Analysis

Softeq initiated a BA phase to determine data access levels and sorting criteria. Sensor-gathered records needed to be divided into clusters, each aimed at definite movement specialists. So, we had to provide an opportunity to separate:

  • Movement data of different users/patients
  • User/patient dataset available to this or that professional

Data Sending, Storage, and Security

The client decided to use the AWS cloud. Softeq had to integrate AWS with several microservices to enrich its core functionality. We deployed an updated cloud service structure able to send and store large amounts of data. Data sent to the cloud is secure and HIPAA compliant.

Front End

In the course of the solution development, a necessity in the front-end part occurredโ€”mobile app merely turned out to be insufficient. In the short term, we developed a front-end interface allowing specialists to operate health-related data.

Interface Snapshots


Project Outcomes

Softeq delivered web back-end and front-end that allowed the client to get an MVP of an IoT smart suit. The product is now ready for alpha testing. The client is going to introduce their smart suit system for further funding.