Multimedia Platform for Remote Coaching

Features speaking digital avatars that participate in debriefing sessions

Solution Online multimedia coaching platform
Industry Software and Technology
Engagement model T&M
Methodology Scrum
  • Business Analysts
  • Front-end Developers
  • Back-end Developers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • QA Engineer
  • Project Manager


Case Highlights

  • Integration with the CDR Management System providing user assessment results
  • Integration with a speaking avatar platform

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The client engaged Softeq to launch an online coaching platform that would help companies improve the performance and engagement of employees on all levels. They wanted to ensure communication between the existing CDR Management System and a new solution (CDR-U Coach). In the new platform, a digital avatar would perform debriefing sessions with employees.



The solution consists of two parts: the Admin Portal, where virtual coaches and users are managed, and the User Portal, where users participate in debriefing sessions with virtual coaches.

User Portal

First, users take an assessment in the CDR 3-D Suite to identify the key drivers of their personality, motivations, and risk behaviors. Once completed, it is possible to log into a new CDR-U Сoach platform (The End-user Portal) and select an avatar—the personal coach for a debrief. Next, the user gets access to a personalized action planning module and a detailed report.

The User Portal provides the possibility to:

  • Select a virtual coach avatar for a debriefing session
  • Participate in a debrief with the selected coach
  • Plan career and development actions

Admin Portal

The Admin Portal enables administrators to manage Avatars, Scripts, Users, and the Welcome page.

App Integrations

We ensured smooth communication between the CDR-U Coach and the CDR Management System, where all assessments are taken. 

The portals are now synced to exchange the relevant user details. .Net Core, the main app framework, processes the data collected from the CDR Management System. Along with this framework, the team used the IdentityServer4 framework for user authorization, Azure Service Bus for load balancing (which optimizes performance by distributing application traffic), and MS SQL Server for storing the data from the CDR 3-D Suite and debrief results.

The team also integrated the solution with a speaking avatar platform, which offers hundreds of customizable models and enables developers to create custom avatars. To perform an integration that fits the project requirements, we had to handle service restrictions and fix numerous bugs revealed in the platform.

Speech Algorithm

Softeq created an algorithm that allows system admins to configure an avatar's speech based on user assessment scores retrieved from the CDR portal.

The app algorithm enables the admin to create special conditions for this speech. It is also possible to define the mood of the avatar and upload media, which is displayed for debriefing participants.


  • User authentication is implemented using the OAuth 2.0 protocol, that allows users to share information about their accounts on other websites without providing passwords
  • The connection between the app and the server is protected with HTTPS
  • The app infrastructure is located in Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Infrastructure secrets (such as application keys and authentication credentials) are generated dynamically at the deploy stage and stored in Azure Key Vault, which encrypts sensitive data


A web portal for remote coaching

The solution, consisting of a web portal for remote coaching and an admin portal, was delivered on time and below budget. The customer is planning to continue working with Softeq to add additional features to the multimedia platform, and create a mobile app.