Xamarin Development

When it comes to creating and launching native-looking and fast-performing cross-platform mobile apps within a short time span, for us Xamarin is the technology of choice. A still novel framework, it has won the hearts and minds of our hard-core Mobile Development team who fully understands the ins and outs of building quality apps for multiple operating systems. Complemented with T&M or Fixed Price engagement model, Xamarin based mobile implementation with Softeq is set for success.

Delivering Top-line Value in App Development

Created by developers for developers, the Xamarin cross-platform mobile development framework offers a more efficient way for coding, designing, developing, reusing, integrating, and testing mobile apps across multiple operating systems.


Development Speed-up and Optimization

C# codebase driven, Xamarin comes with a host of special tools and building facilitators that cater for the custom development needs on each target platform, while enabling shorter turnaround time. Thus, a set of pre-built apps that serves as an app builder enables speedy development of applications fit for a wide range of use-cases, among them:


Apps Native by Look & Feel and Function

The framework provides for a powerful integrated development environment for crafting native iOS, Android, and Windows apps, which look, feel, and perform as OS-native software drawing on the functionality inherent in the underlying platform and device.

Pushing into Spotlight

Not only does Xamarin provide for productive implementation settings, but also supports a streamlined process for introducing the final products to the wider audience by allowing to package and distribute the apps to the App Store and Google Play straightaway.

Making the Most of the Multipurpose Technology

Based on our active real-life application of this highly productive technology, we’ve identified use cases when employing Xamarin would be most beneficial. In some situations, though, resorting to native implementation would provide a better return on your development effort:

Going the Xamarin Route

  • The app is a business solution with well-defined business logic
  • The developed app doesn’t have to meet complex custom UI requirements
  • The app requires multi-platform portability
  • The implementation aims to significantly reduce the time to market and development costs

Going Native

  • The developed app requires custom behavior
  • The app’s UI/UX has to conform to platform-specific development guidelines
  • The app leverages the device’s in-built hardware component capabilities, such as camera, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Taking time to create an app with unique look & feel has higher priority over time and cost reductions

Featured Projects

A Mobile Car Deal Management Solution: Faster and Stress-free Car Selection Process, Greater Productivity in Deal Management


An Efficient Leads Tracking Tool for Maximizing Return of an Attended Event


Smart Dog Collar for Precise Pet Activity Monitoring and Safety Control


Personal Recommendations App: a Xamarin-powered Online Mobile Photo-sharing and Networking Service for a HoReCa Company



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Going multiplatform but are looking to achieve greater efficiency in your mobile application development effort? Softeq’s Xamarin implementation practice draws on expert level understanding of mobile solution architecture in general and extensive expertise in C# coding in particular. Contact us to learn how our Xamarin experience and skills can be leveraged to help you address your next mobile development challenge.

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