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Build, Improve, Integrate, Enhance

Thanks to its powerful ecosystem of tools, enterprise software, libraries, third-party components, and hosting infrastructure, the .NET technology has become one of our go-to stacks when it comes to creating, improving, integrating, and enhancing complex web-based products and client-server apps.

At Softeq, we leverage .NET to build solutions from scratch for such data-intensive areas as BI, ERP, enterprise portals, and IoT systems. We find this platform invaluable for enhancing existing desktop or web-based software in terms of workflow, speed, searching, and reporting capabilities. It’s also versatile enough for pumping up a system with new features, improving database operation, or integrating a mobile client into an existing app landscape. If you’re a startup looking to evaluate the prospects of your mobile app concept or a global corporation with enterprise-class server-based system needs, we know how to apply .NET for the task.

Cross-device, Multiplatform Capabilities

NET has earned a reputation of a multipurpose technology — it’s essential for building cross-platform mobile apps — for business and gaming; robust back-ends; and cross-platform web solutions.

Enterprise Web Solutions, Back-ends
Enterprise web solutions
(front-end and back-end)
Azure Services
High-performance and fast-computing solutions with robust and secure database, and direct access to a complete list of ready-to-use Web Services that save development time and ensure solution extensibility
Backend systems for mobile apps ASP.NET
Azure Services
Have the architecture that suits small size, startup app projects while being capable of scaling up into high power, high load systems. Integrate with analytics for diagnosing app’s performance issues and obtaining insight into users’ behavior; push notifications; advanced authorization mechanisms, etc.
Cross-Platform Solutions
Cross-platform mobile apps Xamarin using C# Native mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows driven by a shared C# codebase. The apps will have native UIs, leverage platform specific capabilities (e.g. iBeacon, Android Fragments), and hardware acceleration for rendering quality graphics
Cross-platform web solutions ASP.NET Core Web and cloud applications that are lean, fast performing, and easily extensible. Run on Windows, Linux, and MacOS, are convenient to develop and deploy

Softeq’s .NET engineers will use the most relevant frameworks, libraries, and open source tools within the .NET ecosystem to address your needs:

  • You need your mobile app to be responsive to user interaction and look familiar and easy-to-use across multiple operating systems
  • You want your web solution to smoothly run on your favorite platform, which is not Windows
  • You need your mobile or web solution to be capable of massive data processing and delivering actionable analytics, i.e. relying on a robust backend

Validated Skills in Microsoft Tech Stack

Softeq’s a Gold Application Development partner of Microsoft. That means our developers have passed special competency exams to attain the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer status, while our existing customers have testified to our skills in Microsoft products and solutions.

A Chatbot for Advanced User Experience

We collaborate with Microsoft in the AI/ML field exploring how these technologies could be integrated into today’s user ambient. We participated in the development of an intelligent web service — a chatbot. It leverages Azure Bot Service to interact with users in the form of a conversation.

Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics

Softeq helped Microsoft extend its cloud-based sports-analytics platform with ML capabilities. This will enable coaches to track athletes’ physical conditions, adapt training sessions, and model predictive outcomes of the matches.

To demonstrate the real-world ML application in predictive analysis, Softeq developed a PoC Intelligent Data Analysis Platform. It allows analyzing the team’s distribution on the field and movement trajectory during a match.

Cross-platform Solutions with Xamarin

Softeq’s mobile team has successfully demonstrated competency in Xamarin application development and became a Xamarin Authorized Consulting Partner. We tap Xamarin knowledgebase, resources, and support, to rapidly build cross-platform mobile apps that have consistent native look and feel, and behavior.

Microsoft Azure: Economical, Analytical, Secure, Intelligent

We value Microsoft Azure for its robust deployment and integration capabilities, pre-configured services, tools, top-standard security mechanisms, as well as tech-advanced industry accelerators. It enables us to easily deploy, test, scale, monitor, manage, and functionally enhance the developed solutions — both powered by the Microsoft stack and driven by other technologies. With Microsoft Azure, we’ll have you covered for these particular needs and many others:

  • Solution deployment to the cloud on a virtual machine to save on the physical infrastructure roll-out and use select computing services on-demand
  • Structured, unstructured, and streaming IoT data analysis with Machine Learning to identify patterns and make better predictions
  • Strict compliance with data security and control requirements to ensure your sensitive data is protected through resilient to attacks infrastructure, encrypted communications, and reliable threat management and mitigation practices
  • Artificial Intelligence capabilities to enable natural and contextual interaction within your applications for tighter customer engagement

Protects Sensitive Data

If your business deals with sensitive data and you have to comply with extra strict data protection and control requirements (e.g. HIPAA) for going cloud, Microsoft enterprise cloud services have special controls in place. Some of the services that make up the Microsoft cloud stack have undergone audits conducted by accredited independent auditors for the Microsoft ISO/IEC 27001 certification. Microsoft enterprise cloud services are also covered by FedRAMP assessments. Conducted as an independent accreditation process, the assessments ensure that the cloud computing services meet the standards deemed acceptable by the U.S. government.

Multiple Engagement Options

Besides technological proficiency and hands-on solution development experience, we offer convenient collaboration terms — T&M, Fixed Price, Dedicated Team or a combined model. We’ve been honing our project management and communication skills throughout our 20-year industry practice to make them agile, reliable, and transparent. We are also flexible about which project implementation methodology to employ — RUP, Waterfall, Scrum, Kanban — depending on your time, cost, and quality preferences.

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