Mobile Development Approach

Functionality. Usability. Connectivity. Performance. Security.

These are the top five pillars of Softeq's mobile application development approach. We employ best practices, proven methodologies, as well as tap our own knowledge and two decades of experience in algorithmic design, software architecture, and UI creation along with adaptive design experience to craft intuitive, fully featured, stable mobile apps for work and leisure.

Coupled with a rigorous, yet transparent to the client, project management approach, we guarantee the delivery of a full-cycle professional, elaborate development service and reduced time-to-market of the application. To qualify for a release, the application should meet the following criteria:

  • Itโ€™s user-friendly
  • It provides high performance
  • The app is reliable, stable and secure
  • It efficiently utilizes the limited device CPU and memory capacity
  • It provides consistent fault-free operation
  • The app has low battery consumption
  • The app supports seamless data exchange between the device and the mobile backend


Converting Limitations Into Opportunities




Softeq's Mobile Development Team consists of top-notch UI architects and designers profecient in mobile application UI design and development, as well as user journey maps creation. To ensure excellent user experience, we manage both the quality of the appโ€™s functionality and performance capabilities, as well as its usability. We verify all aspects through extensive functionality and usability testing, both hardly automated, carried out by Softeq's dedicated UX/UI specialists.


To ensure the mobile application provides for rich user experience and high level of interactivity on the target viewing devices, we employ the adaptive design methods to enable the app design to fit a predetermined set of screen and device sizes. On demand we can either help adapt the application to meet the required conditions or release special app versions suitable for specific devices.


Besides the mobile client functionality development we've strong roots in building middleware, as well as low-level systems to deliver smart connectors and adaptors, separately or as part of the enterprise mobile application development project. These components help integrate the new mobile apps with backends and corporate data sources when the data exchange between the corporate network and mobile client cannot be performed.

Read one of the recent interviews that Chris Howard, Softeq's CEO, gave to an industry-focused publication where he highlighted the philosophy that we employ in order to help our clients take advantage of the full potential of the latest technology.

                                                    Chris Howard
                                            Founder and CEO Softeq