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Technical Support and New Hardware Integration for a POS Terminal Provider

Issue resolution and component integration for multiple types of POS terminals

The client is a producer of POS electronic payment solutions. They provide mobile, portable, countertop, and other terminals on a global scale.

Solution Highlights

  • Helped eliminate functional issues on the operating system's level
  • Integrating new hardware parts into POS terminals
  • Testing the operating system for smooth functionality following bug fixes and device upgrades
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The client produces numerous POS terminal types for their customers worldwide. These terminals vary in payment applications and technologies. They regularly develop new software, which may lead to potential bugs and impact customer satisfaction. To be able to focus on their core business, the client required a technical partner for bug-fixing and ongoing device support. They also needed help integrating new hardware to optimize the product update process.


Issue Resolution

We teamed up to address technical issues negatively impacting their customers’ satisfaction with their products. Softeq supported the client’s customer-facing team in resolving reported issues identified during device operation.

Our maintenance services ranged from solving minor issues, like settings reset on a device after an OS update, to more complex problems, such as the unexpected unavailability of an embedded printer. These issues could affect any system layer, including the operating system’s kernel, Android services, and drivers. We checked each individual layer to identify the problem’s root cause and make necessary fixes. In this way, our embedded engineers helped fix bugs that had surfaced on the Android platform level. Specifically, our team supported all major types of terminals working on Android versions 8 and 10. After that, we tested everything to ensure that the problem was resolved and the entire system operated seamlessly.

Integrating New Hardware Components

Pleased with the collaboration, the client was eager to leverage Softeq’s hardware expertise, seeking assistance in integrating new hardware parts into their POS terminals.

Like any manufacturer of this caliber, the client collaborates with multiple component suppliers. This enables them to enhance production capacity for their proprietary devices. Our task involved integrating new components, such as batteries, displays, and touchscreens, and ensuring there were no issues in the embedded software’s operation after the hardware upgrade. For this, we upgraded the drivers and fine-tuned the device camera. Our QA team then ensured that the upgraded device functioned as expected.

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Joel CMO


We helped the client over three years to ensure a seamless experience for their customers. Our support role extended beyond resolving technical issues. The team was involved in complex tasks demanding meticulous investigation and unconventional problem-solving skills.