Digital Asset Management (DAM) System to Organize Media Content

Storing and processing videos, audio files, images, and documents in Azure cloud

Solution Digital asset management system


Engagement model T&M (time and materials)


  • Software Engineers
  • QA Engineers
  • DevOps
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager


Case Highlights

  • Reduces source file size; creates low-resolution previews
  • Bulk file upload to Azure Cloud Storage
  • Utilizes Azure Media Services to grant access to recorded live streams

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The Women's Tennis Association (WTA) is a global leader in women's professional sport. As the WTA broadcasts sports events, it needed a central data repository to collect, store, and organize media content.

Previously, our client utilized several online tools to manage digital assets (Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud. etc.). Later, the WTA switched to the Aprimo DAM platform. However, the system lacked some important extensions necessary for effective asset management.

The client turned to Softeq to create a centralized, all-in-one solution to securely store and distribute its digital assets.


Web System

Softeq developed a digital asset management solution for field reporters who take photos and videos during sports events, and media editors who use their content for event highlights in the mass media.

The solution is a web system based on Azure Cloud Storage. It consists of three functional units:

1. A Media Manager

2. A Bulk Upload Application

3. A Live Streaming solution

The system supplements the workflow for processing and storing multimedia content done in the Aprimo DAM system employed by the WTA.

Media Manager

Media Manager is an application that helps store, process, view, and search for digital media assets. Media Manager backs up Aprimo storage and provides cheaper and larger storage space in Azure.

The media manager is synchronized with the Aprimo DAM system. The application keeps a smaller version of an asset in Aprimo storage and links it with the original file in the Media Manager storage. Each updated version of the asset is transferred to Media Manager Azure Storage.

The system has the following asset management capabilities:

  • Automatic backup of original asset files for each new asset created in Aprimo
  • Creating asset previews to save space in Aprimo storage
  • Replacing the original file in Aprimo with the preview file
  • Extended asset search and browsing functionality

Bulk Upload Application

We utilized Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to create a Bulk Upload desktop client application. 

Once a user copies their photos and videos from a sporting event to a computer or drive, the app enables bulk file uploads directly from their Windows File System to Aprimo. Each uploaded file is displayed as a low-resolution preview in Aprimo.

The Bulk Upload Application core functions include:

  • Creating folders and classifications for further bulk upload of media files to Aprimo
  • Uploading the selected files to Aprimo
  • Monitoring and managing the file upload process

Live Streaming Solution

The Softeq team built a Live Streaming Solution to process tennis tournament broadcasts and store video files in the digital asset management system.

First, we turned to the Interxion data center in London and installed Mediaexcel encoding equipment on premises. Our DevOps engineers set up and configured the equipment so it could convert the video signals into a format compatible with Azure Cloud Storage.

The solution automatically connects to a sports event broadcast by WTA, trims the video, and stores it in Azure Media Services Storage while keeping a low-resolution preview in Aprimo.


To enhance the solution security, our team utilized Azure cloud security tools such as Azure AD, MS peering, Virtual network, Network security group, VPN, Firewall, and access pool (ip/ip range).

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