End-to-End ETL Solutions

Softeq knows the backbone of data management — Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) — in and out. We develop advanced ETL tools and solutions that comprise raw data extraction from any source system, its transformation, including cleaning and validation, and loading into the target data warehouse for analysis and storing or immediate use by business users. Providing web access to the data and building a mechanism to manage and process it efficiently is a crux we help resolve in a number of practical application areas.

One-of-a-kind Expertise

Softeq team uniquely combines proven web solutions and mobile app development skills with extensive firmware developmentand desktop software programming expertise. This enables us to deliver comprehensive and highly integrated environments — something an average outsourcing company is unlikely to handle.

Industrial Automation

Remote machine access, multi-parameter monitoring and, most importantly, management of industrial equipment brings a cutting edge to your business. Softeq capitalizes on its low-level programming experience to deliver resilient and secure data collection and analysis automation tools. Smart plant floor management in this case delivers energy consumption optimization, as well as ensures compliance with industry regulations and reduces maintenance costs.

Remote Monitoring

If you operate a data center with hundreds racks of servers and switches or a greenhouse, humidity, pressure and temperature are king. To keep the environment and equipment stable, we help such businesses build smart solutions with web interfaces or mobile client apps routing to a web back-end that allow ongoing control over these vital parameters.

Smart Home Management

To tap all the prepaid benefits of intelligent appliances and home automation products residents need an opportunity to manage them remotely, at any time from any place. User-friendly web applications and mobile apps — with ETL-modules running on a server backend — provide users ultimate control over their home environment settings and processes. Whether you need to tune under-floor heating settings or check the media library, it is as easy as ABC: just a matter of a few clicks on a web interface or a swipe of a finger on your smartphone or tablet.

Logistics Management

For some businesses, such as freight transportation, accuracy of their tracking systems must never be undervalued. Continuous monitoring of the fleet allow carriers to control the speed and fuel burn rate of each vehicle, track their route and even check tachograph second man position, let alone ensure they fulfill timely deliveries to clients. Our expertise goes as deep as extracting data from the GPS-device and various in-built onboard sensors, its real-time transfer and display to the dispatcher in a web-based admin tool, as well as data storing and stats processing for further visualization and analysis. An accurate, unbiased insight into this data provides a solid ground for risk management, cost optimization, and service improvement.

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