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Maximizing the Return on Drone-enabled Oil Rig Inspection: Unique Business Solution for Complex Workflow Automation

Drone-enabled Oil Rig Inspection


Web Back-end

Web Back-end



For a pioneer in UAV inspection services in the Oil and Gas industry, Softeq created from scratch a comprehensive documents-centric workflow management solution capable of algorithmic processing of multimedia data captured by drones during rigs inspection.

Fast Facts

Client: Sky-Futures, a provider of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Oil and Gas inspection services

Industry: Oil and Gas

Country: UK

Engagement Model: Fixed Price

What were the Client’s expectations of the service provider?

A pioneer in UAV inspection services in the Oil and Gas industry, Sky-Futures wanted to max out the commercial application of drones. With the demand for the rig inspection services surging, the company considered enhancing its offering with a first-on-the-market business process solution that would automate major inspection workflows. Advanced video processing, object recognition and digital imagery editing was envisioned as the distinguishing feature of the solution. Sky-Futures selected Softeq to carry out the implementation based on the company’s demonstrated expertise in line-of-business solution development and digital imaging.

Project Description

What was the goal of the project?

Softeq was to develop from scratch a comprehensive documents-centric workflow management solution capable of algorithmic processing of multimedia data captured by UAV during rigs inspection. Integrated with digital asset management (DAM) systems, the solution was expected to automate the complete inspection process — from inspection initiation to secure results publishing and distribution to the clients.

What are the product’s functional capabilities?

Softeq developed an advanced solution, which processes captured data using proprietary algorithms. The solution includes a secure customer portal for collaboration and admin back-end area for inspection process management, providing for the following capabilities:

  • Serves as a universal platform for automated order, document and digital asset management
  • Supports user administration, enabling the customer’s clients to create accounts for tracking information on the facilities they own
  • Processes large amounts of images, video footage and metadata
  • Enables electronic document management and offers collaboration features such as review and commenting sub-workflows, approval process, etc.
  • Generates dynamic and pdf-based reports for completed inspections

The Differentiator

The customer uses drones equipped with high-definition and thermal cameras to fly around the rig platform and produce a 3D model of the structure, mapping any anomalies like gas leaks, cracks and corrosion and how they evolve over time. The solution is designed to prepare, structure, and analyze huge volumes of digital assets — video footages, imagery, blueprints, etc. — associated with various inspection objects.

The solution has a digital assets repository with a custom taxonomy and metadata mapping and instance association functionality. It provides editing tools (including color, brightness, sharpness correction, image zooming and cropping, saving separate frames) and allows adding on-the-fly text and voice annotations during online video playback.

The DAM engine underlies a sophisticated workflow management system that handles all multimedia and documentation created during the inspection process from order placement and investigation iterations to final inspection reports.

What methods are used for insuring the solution security?

The solution supports user authentication.

What project methodology did the team employ?

Softeq’s team employed the Agile project implementation methodology working in sprints.


Did the team manage to meet the project goals successfully?

Happy with the project results, the customer is set to further disrupt the industry with next-gen tech solutions setting a higher bar on safety in oil rig inspection. The new solution is expected to further maximize time savings and minimize costs related to oil and gas inspections, bringing this service to the cutting edge of technology.