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We leverage a tech mix of low-level programming, mobile and web to create custom solutions for cutting-edge connected devices of any innovative form-factors.




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Chris Howard, Founder and CEO at Softeq: 

— We help our clients overcome complex tech problems that are undecidable for others




Kozo Moriyama, Lead Engineer at OMRON:

— Softeq has proven efficiency in face recognition POC app development

  • Native applications 
  • HTML5 and hybrid applications 
  • Backend web services and databases 
  • Cross-platform development and porting
  • Full-cycle firmware development
  • Middleware and driver development
  • Custom development kits
  • Testing, debugging and optimization
  • Hardware design: FPGA, PCB, devices
  • E-commerce
  • Enterprise web
  • Extract, transform and load
  • Web back-ends for mobile
  • Mobile web

Featured Projects: From Technology Heavyweights to Innovative Start-ups 

Mobile Sports App Prototype for a Global Sports Giant: From Manual Training Assessment to Digital Results Capturing, Analysis, and Visualization


A proof-of-concept iOS App for Omron: Showcasing OKAO Vision Face Sensing Technology Capabilities with Real-time Image Processing


NVIDIA's Camera for Android: Redefining User Experience in Mobile Digital Imaging


NVision: A Multi-content News App for Android with a Full-scale Web Version


ZAPS LiquID™ Station: Achieving Greater Extensibility in Automated Multi-parameter Water Quality Monitoring


A Low-level Utility for Lenovo A3500-H Tablet ROM Customization: Secure Remote App Deployment, Management, and Control


BlizzCon 2013 Guide: Android-based Mobile App Enabling Event Sessions Scheduling, Up-to-the-minute Updates Accessing, and Live Video Streaming


Comprehensive SaaS-based Sensor Data Acquisition and Management System


Mass Storage Device Implementation: A Flash Drive Connecting to Apple iDevices and Computers


“Proxy” Driver Enabling POS Transaction Data Capturing to Facilitate Financial Reporting and Transactions Tracking across Companies’ Chain Stores


A Fully Functional Media Content Distribution App Prototype for Samsung: Streaming Smart TV Media Content on Smartphones and Tablets


Achieving Convenience, Speed, and Cost-efficiency with a Mobile VoIP Solution for Business Communication


Inteliscope Multiplatform Mobile Client-Server Application: Interactive Riflescope with Sensor-based Data Processing Capabilities


Access Control System Prototype: Meeting a Tight Deadline to Enable Live Technology Demonstration


Altius’ e-Learning Platform: Delivering Real MCAT Experience for Prospective Medical Students


Android SDK for Rovi’s Connected Platform: Commercial Solution to Build Android-to-Anything Multimedia Content Streaming Apps


Android Assistive Listening and Captioning App Operating on a Custom-made Handheld Device


Atlas Copco Mag: Multiplatform eMagazine App/News App for Fortune 500 Industrial Giant


Information Security Tool for Digital Strategy and E-marketing Agency: an iPad Client-Server Email and E-signature Capture App


HTML Slide Manager: An Efficient Presentation Tool for Pumping Up Pharmaceutical Companies’ Marketing Efforts


BlinkFX’s Wink: Redefining the Live Show Experience with an Innovative Wirelessly Controlled LED Lighting Device


Bluetooth Badge Bridging IR-sensors and iDevices

Softeq helped an entertainment industry giant test the feasibility of a new wearable tech solution for one of its well-loved attractions. The innovative form-factor — a Bluetooth-powered badge — is pinned to the visitor’s clothes. It receives the raw data from infrared sensors installed across the venue and transmits to an iOS app for further analysis. Softeq’s embedded software development team delivered the prototype in next to no time despite the solution’s technical complexity mostly caused by Apple’s limitations on data transfer between connected devices.

Smart Marketing Tool for Branson Ultrasonics: a Multiplatform Client-Server Mobile App for an Industrial Automation Corporation of World Fame


Buzztime’s Mobile Playmaker: A Mobile Alternative to a Traditional Game Console with Updated UX


Carrier Vibration Sensor: A Proof-of-concept Implementation of a Vibration Measuring Solution


Cerasus Media’s Driving License: A Mobile Interactive Tool for Accelerating the Learning Curve for Drivers


Conversor Notetalker: an Algorithm Based Assistive Audio Recording Application


Conversor Notetalker for Android: Comprehensive Pre-Release Quality Assurance Audit


An iOS Client-Server Dating Application: Optimized User Engagement and Retention Building on Powerful Analytics and Gamification


Partnering with a World's Most Famous Entertainment Destination and Hewlett Packard to Design Assistive Solutions Based on HP iPAQ PDA

Gantom’s DMX Programmer: Enabling More Rewarding User Experience in Operating a Professional Lighting Device


DURATEQ Assistive Technology Device: Nation’s Favorite Landmarks Open Up for Guests with Disabilities


eGovernment Platform Re-Engineering: Optimized Electronic Filing and Case Management Process with Comprehensive Stats and Financial Reporting


Enterprise Test Labs: Remote Quality Assessment for Faster High-Performance Firmware Delivery


A Face Recognition Demo for Google Glass

To test the waters of the pre-production version of Google Glass, Softeq's R&D team investigated the solution’s capabilities building an OpenCV-driven camera application that uses a predefined database of faces to learn Neural Networks. The app provides for face detection and image processing capabilities with the results output on the screen.

A Secure Financial Asset Tracking and Management App for Android Devices


Flight Operations Tracker: BlackBerry Application for Logging Flight Information on Small Commuter and Cargo Airlines


Mobilizing Sales Efforts with on the Fly Access to the Critical Customer Data

Softeq created a Metro Style designed Windows Phone app and integrated it with customer’s Microsoft SharePoint based CRM system. The application supports on the fly access to the stored data on prospects allowing adding new, as well as viewing and editing the existing opportunities.

Front-end for an ERP-style System

Softeq developed a front-end system that supports window retailers and providers of related services in their day-to-day operations spanning windows manufacturing and installation. Bundled with several back-end applications, the solution handles order, inventory, customer, and vendor management, as well as finance and accounting activities.

HP iPAQ Developer Program — At the Forefront of App Development Support: Custom SDKs, Technical Support, Web Portal Maintenance


Interactive Cafe Table Top: A Functionally Rich App Driven by OS Level Software


An Efficient Leads Tracking Tool for Maximizing Return of an Attended Event


‘Local Black Card’ Deals Tracking App: A Geo-targeting and Geo-tagging Enabled Mobile Client-Server Solution


UDP-based Plug-in for an Open Broadcast Encoder

Softeq’s embedded software engineers were engaged to design a solution that would enable deployment of embedded Linux to the customer’s Systems-on-Module. The team built a Root file system for initializing deployment of Linux embedded to the board. The solution now allows testing the OS on a virtual machine before mounting it on custom Systems-on-Module.

Data Analysis and Instrument Control Software for Mass Spectrometers

Softeq helped create instrument control software to enable a leading provider of mass spectrometers to perform elemental and molecular research on both solid and liquid compounds, including organic materials. The data analysis and visualization tools additionally developed by Softeq's team to quantify the output of the mass spectrometers have been instrumental in successful genomic research and many other fields of materials study.

Multi-functional iOS Culinary Platform: A Faster Roll-out of Highly Interactive and Immersive Cooking Applications


NVIDIA GTC and BlizzCon 2011: Multi-platform Event Schedule and Session Manager


NVIDIA's NVContacts: A Multi-platform Mobile Contact Management Application Enabling Unified Secure Access to Organizational Data


Full HD Live Video Delivery with 70% Lower Traffic Volume: A UDP-enabled Plug-in for an Open Broadcast Encoder


Firmware for Phosphor Watches: Seven Touchscreen Smartphone-like Features Packed in 192 kB Firmware


Pong World for Atari: Reinventing an Iconic Video Game


Mobile App for the Russian Ball in London: A Networking Application with On-the-fly Event Information Access


Improvement and Further Enhancement of an Asymmetric Encryption Based Multiplatform Messaging App


Sensor-rich Brassie and iOS App Helping Smart Golfers Mobilize Performance Data

Softeq helped a leading sports products manufacturer develop a solution that would help golfers track, visualize, analyze and store their performance stats using a sensor-rich golf brassie communicating with an Objective-C iOS application. The middleware solution consists of a low-RAM, low power, high performance controller, 2.4 GHz retransmission unit and an advanced algorithm that would allow for progressive no-loss transmission of large data batches from the brassie to the mobile app.

Samsung Smart TV App: Instant Access to On-demand Digital Video Content


Multiplatform Mobile Proof-of-Concept App: Assessing New Technologies Enabling Snowboarder Trick Recognition and Custom Metadata Application


Mobile App Prototype: Delivering Compelling Brand Experience through Cutting-edge Technologies for a World’s Leading Sports Brand


TegraZone Back-end

A special back-end created by Softeq allows NVIDIA to fast-track the game selection and launch process via its Tegra-focused application portal. NVIDIA’s editors can now conveniently manage game related digital assets online, while the game developers can securely upload their game artifacts, track the review progress, and receive timely feedback on their submissions.

An Assistive Technology Telecare Solution: Comprehensive R&D Works to Lock in a Successful Hardware and Software Implementation


Enabling New Touch Interface Capabilities: Touchpad Driver for an Innovative Gadget Attachable to Tablets


TrustedFlash™: One-Step System for Tamper-Proof Data Acquisition and Archiving


‘RU Prepared?’ Gaming App: Aiding U.S. Medical Professionals in Smoother Transition to Latest Revision of ICD and Related Health Problems


R&D for a Voice Recognition Software Enabled Smart TV Control

The Big Button Universe, a US provider of specialty consumer electronics accessories, engaged Softeq to conduct R&D works for a pending implementation. Built with an eye towards the low-vision, baby boomer, senior citizen and memory-impaired customers, the company was seeking to assess the development of voice recognition software for a TV remote control that would help senior viewers improve their TV usage experience.

A CUDA-powered Watercolor Drawing Simulator for NVIDIA SHIELD™ and Tegra Note™

Softeq delivered a watercolor drawing simulating app with CUDA-powered calculations and OpenGL-based output for each step of the drawing process — from watercolor flow to drying to flow collisions and final texture rendering.

A Custom-made Windows-based Pager Driver: Helping American Messaging Service Support US Medical Pros in their Day-to-day Operations


World of Tanks ‘Let’s Battle’ Digital Magazine: An Interactive Digital Medium for Connecting with the Game Fans



Testing the Waters of Next-gen Technology with a World’s Leading Sports Brand

Softeq has been involved in helping the customer test the feasibility of its next-gen technology by delivering several advanced mobile app prototypes. The collaborative effort aims at exploring new, exciting ways for the legendary sports brand to connect and engage with the community, while continuing to exceed the high standards associated with the company. Digital sports and fitness is an area that readily embraces innovation, and Softeq is proud to be a part of such initiatives. 

Mobile Application Development

Innovative Mobile: from high-level business apps down to low-level programming

Innovative Mobile

Softeq has proved its engineering worth to NVIDIA by delivering fast and reliable mobile business apps appreciated by thousands of users. Today NVIDIA and Softeq have joined forces again to produce a yet another groundbreaking technological innovation in mobile imaging. Softeq will contribute its firmware development expertise together with hardware to on board devices integration skills to craft this cutting-edge application, capable of understanding graphical signals processed by NVIDIA’s advanced mobile processor. 

Enterprise Mobility


SanDisk ODC: devising state-of-the-art firmware technology for flash memory

SanDisk ODC

What commenced as a one-off outsourcing project with a couple of firmware developers in 2005, transformed into a full-fledged ODC with 100+ seasoned embedded engineers at peak a few years later. Working in a tight-knit partnership with SanDisk devising state-of-the-art firmware technology for flash memory storage devices, Softeq prides itself in having been able to contribute to better digital experience of enterprises, OEMs, and consumers alike. 

Embedded Software Development



Bolstering the Web Side of Business with Productive, Reliable, and Secure Solutions

Web Development

If you’re looking to augment your day-to-day business operations with efficient, reliable, and interactive web solutions, Softeq has the experience and skills to tap into. Over the years of intensive project practice our web competency has been challenged with some of the most sophisticated tasks. Thus, Softeq’s team has effectively reinforced a customer’s IT efforts in revamping a robust Legal/eGovernment platform. The web-based solution underwent technological upgrade, refactoring, and implementation of new features.

Softeq’s Web Development Expertise

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