Surprising findings about the automotive sector shift

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A tech giant will contribute to mitigation of the global semiconductor shortage; humble lampposts can make urban spaces smarter and more efficient; and we’re one step closer to autonomous driving. All that and more in a 10-minute read.


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Suppose you’re building a radar sensor system for autonomous vehicles. How do you ensure that the hardware under the hood won’t overheat? What do you do to minimize the impedance of the power supply system? What does it take to secure high-speed signal transmission between chips? Check out this customer project case study — long version or short version—for details.


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From his early days at NASA and IBM to his current daily entrepreneurial grind, his work and family life, his individual contribution to the Texas tech community, as well as his inner calling for bringing advanced technology closer to the elderly — Chris Howard, Softeq CEO and Founder, shares his professional and personal perspectives in a Future Construct podcast interview.


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