Softeq Features on SoftwareWorld Listings as One of the Top SW Providers

A prominent software review platform, SoftwareWorld, puts Softeq on three of its listings. We are positioned as one of the top 50 companies for custom software development worldwide, one of the top 30 US-based mobile app development companies, and one of the top 10 enterprises building software for the healthcare sector.

SoftwareWorld performs an unbiased review of different software solutions and vendors available on the market.   The top performers are showcased on its website in lists divided by categories and location. This review process is comprehensive and involves parameters such as the solutionโ€™s cost-efficacy, value, accessibility, and the overall project execution process. Client reviews and testimonials are also included. Businesses use these listings when looking for a reliable technology partner for their new ventures.

Softeq provides full-stack development services across different industries and employs over 300 software and hardware engineers. Our team can program on the operating system, driver, and firmware levels. We develop custom software and mobile apps  and can also create a complex Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem from scratch. Our client portfolio includes a wide range of companies from startups to Fortune 100.

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