Sensor-based, AR-rich, and up-to-date: all about modern cars

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What does it take for a car to be touted as ultra-modern? It needs to have an advanced HMI, a sophisticated driver assistance system, and multiple communication protocols connecting with infrastructure, the cloud, and other cars. Success in the industry lies in partnering with companies able to innovate. Here's how our automotive competencies can bring you to the next level—whether you're an OEM, supplier, or startup.


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In this issue of the latest tech buzz: fighting fake chips that invade the world market, a new AI-powered driving system for some countries, aerial photography to help engineers make cities even smarter. All that and more in a 10-minute read.


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Suppose you’re building a smart driver assistance solution that needs to detect accidents. Real-time video lets the car keep track of what's going on around. But will it show the full picture (for car insurance investigations, in particular)? To improve this, we created a PoC solution that merges two camera feeds into a single panoramic video (with a 200+ degree field of view), processes the video, and sends it to the cloud. This case study has more details.

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