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A solution to semiconductor shortage, IoT 101 guide, and other tech stories

March 17, 2021

#MonthlyDigest #TechBuzz #10MinuteRead


In this issue of the latest tech buzz: AI helps streamline farming processes and optimize agricultural operations; a contactless IoT station detects COVID-19 carriers; computer vision controls e-commerce traffic and monitors public spaces. All that and more in a 10-minute read.

#IoT #HowTo #BeginnersGuide

Are you an IoT newbie? This e-book could be your best desk companion. Tap exclusive technical advice backed by real-life IoT solution design and development experience spanning:

  • Risk mitigation
  • Key aspects for powering through your implementation
  • Choosing an optimal vendor sourcing strategy
  • Identifying the most lucrative market niches so that your project pans out, and more.

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#PetTech #HealthMonitoring #LocationTracking


Did you know that pet industry startups are raising large funding rounds? And that’s for a reason. Fuelled by the quarantine, pet adoption results in higher spends on pet health monitoring devices, location tracking gadgets, and veterinary telemedicine. If you’re considering jumping on the Pet Tech wagon, we’d be happy to help you convert your ideas and concepts into ready-to-use gadgets that meet marketplace demand. Check out more details.

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