Our Approach to Making IoT Development a Pressure-Free Journey

IoT is the anchor point for innovative development, and collaborating with the correct pedigree of solution partner, is conducive to a pressure-free journey. Benjamin Groiss, CEO of Softeq Development GmbH, a global full-stack developer of IoT solutions explains what really matters.

Our role is always different, depending on the specific project. We transition from innovators, consultants and firefighters, to collaborators, sparring partners, and programmers. We often begin with  the discovery phase: What are your goals? What are your pain points? What do you need? What must be done to realize this? Then we innovate, collaborate and plan; with a view to developing and testing a Minimal Viable Product, that’s refined iteratively towards production. From small sensors to complex enterprise frameworks, it’s all part of our IoT development services.

Do you develop all IoT solutions yourself?

Not necessarily, it all depends on our clients needs, their legacy systems, their partner ecosystems, etc. or which part of the IoT value chain they bring us in to help with. There are already very well established frameworks to reference, for example in the area of Industry 4.0 there are foundational components which mean there is no need to reinvent the wheel each time. We’re experienced in this area, we know the technology, we know hardware and we can advise objectively to positively impact projects.

The Softeq USP?

IoT projects are tricky; both from a technical perspective to enable communication between edge devices and enterprise systems and, from a business perspective to help realise ROI. Our Global CEO Chris Howard always says: “We start where others find the puzzle too complicated. For IoT that can be: perfect interfaces and fast, secure, and intelligent data technology. Alternatively: Develop software, reengineer hardware to make it smart. We have all the skills we need for this in-house: From embedded specialists to app developers.”

The greatest challenge?

In addition to the complexity already mentioned, it is the high pressure to innovate that provides one of the greatest challenges. Companies need to innovate; it's not just about modernization or embracing new technology to unlock hidden value. It’s also about survival, and uncovering new digital revenue streams that will help differentiate those companies as they evolve into tomorrow. 

As you can imagine, for enterprise companies caught up in their day-to-day business they don't have time for evolving or ideating that big idea; and for start-ups that do not have the development and prototyping expertise needed to produce their big idea Softeq helps ease that pressure and deliver results. It’s what we do.