Investment Opportunities in the Automotive Industry, Q3 2021

Welcome car buffs to another scoop on the automotive market. Today, we will be exploring cybersecurity and why it’s fast-becoming a necessary investment engagement. The digitization of in-car systems and its re-tracebility to backend software over the cloud has reformed modern cars into information clearinghouses. As a consequence, players within and outside the industry must ready themselves for radical market changes that will spur growth. We have done the heavylifting of opportunity-finding across the EMEA. All you have to do now is recline as we bring you the autotech areas receiving the patron’s moneybag. 

Most Funded Autotech Segments and Companies

The best-funded sectors in the EMEA are cybersecurity solutions for the autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity solutions for the connected cars, and OEMs. These areas lead the way on account of the escalating demand for autonomous solutions in connected vehicles is contemporaneous with the increase in cybersecurity integration to safeguard automotive technologies.

Cybersecurity Solutions for Autonomous Vehicles Became the Most Funded Autotech Segment, Q3 2021

In the EMEA region, cybersecurity is becoming a new yardstick for quality in the autotech segment. This is due to the increasing preponderance of the software content of autonomous vehicles. The sheer traffic in the data highway of embedded software essentially makes the connected, autonomous automobile vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity for Autonomous vehicles: investors are acknowledging the need for the fortification of autonomous vehicles and associated infrastructure from cyberrisks. For this, the segment has received $62 million in funding this quarter. With this injection, firms in the segment are expected to renew their secure-manage-comply mantra for tamper-proofing information exchange in vehicles.

Cybersecurity for Connected vehicles: this sub-segment pulled in $62 million in funding as companies get more compliant with existing guidelines such as UNECE WP.29, CSMC regulation R115 and the ISO/SAE 21434 standard for securing hardware and software in connected automobiles.

OEMs: these companies are embracing vertical integration; building original cybersecurity components and full software stacks. As a consequence, they drew in $59 million in investor backing. Most hackers try to simulate a customer service or transaction interaction before infiltrating a system. But with an OEM in place, the vehicle can spot any initial attacker trickery before they cause harm.

Notable Companies in the Most Funded Autotech Segments

Upstream Security (Cybersecurity for Autonomous vehicles): this revolutionary company uses mobility data to secure connected vehicles to save automobiles from cyberattacks. First, it performs data normalization and cleansing. Next, a digital twin is created by virtualizing the entire vehicle’s data on the cloud. The on-cloud AI then detects possible threats, simple. Even better, Upstream provides advanced analytics for actionable insights on insurance, predictive maintenance, and business intelligence.

Upstream Security (Cybersecurity for connected vehicles): with its AutoThreat PRO, a first-of-its-kind mobility-specific intelligence and risk appraisal solution, this company has recorded 1,086 days of connected vehicle monitoring. It is also tagged to 20+ million connected vehicles and has received 45+ thousand cybersecurity alerts at the backend. Regardless of whether your vehicle is electrical, agricultural, commercial or smart, you can rest assured knowing you are impervious to the most malicious threats.

Riversimple and e.GO Mobile (OEMs):  with a focus on reducing the environmental effects of personal transport, Riversimple pioneers the next wave of zero-carbon cars. Its cars are electrified using only hydrogen, not batteries and emit nothing but water. Encryption technology is deployed in its clean mobility subscription service to help customers who want to move away from vehicle ownership. German sustainability systems manufacturer, e.GO Mobile is making EVs for urban-centric life using Micro-Factories and other proprietary technology. Their collaboration with Cubic Telecom will confer their cars with secure connectivity while also enabling real-time monitoring and remote management capabilities. 

Funding of Key Autotech Segments

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