Climate Tech: Market and Investment Overview Q1‒Q2 2022

Discover the latest trends and investment landscape of the thriving climate tech industry with our comprehensive market and investment overview for Q1-Q2 2022. This invaluable snapshot provides a deep dive into the dynamic world of climate tech, empowering you to stay informed and make strategic decisions in this rapidly evolving sector. Download the full snapshot to gain exclusive insights into the highlights, most-funded segments, top companies, industry deals, and ground-breaking innovations that are shaping the future of sustainable technology. 

1. Highlights of the First Half of 2022:

Unlock the key highlights and milestones that defined the climate tech industry during the first half of 2022. Our snapshot shines a spotlight on the most-funded climate tech segments, revealing the staggering investments received by electric pickup truck manufacturers with an impressive $5.2 billion, followed by electric cars with $3.0 billion and lithium-ion batteries with $2.0 billion. Witness the magnitude of these segments and understand their role in driving the transition towards a greener future.

2. Most-Funded Companies in 2022:

Explore the trailblazing companies that garnered significant investments in 2022, revolutionizing the climate tech landscape. Our snapshot showcases the ground-breaking achievements of Rivian, the manufacturer of off-road electric pickup trucks for adventures, securing an astounding $10.5 billion in funding. Discover the advancements made by Northvolt, a visionary manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, with $5.4 billion in investment. Additionally, witness the innovative strides of CFS, a provider of tokamak nuclear fusion reactors, securing $2.1 billion in funding.

3. Other Notable Companies in Climate Tech:

Dive into the realm of climate tech and explore other notable companies that are making significant contributions to the industry. Our snapshot sheds light on visionary enterprises that are at the forefront of sustainable innovation, driving positive change and reshaping our future.

4. Deals Related to Climate Change in Different Industries:

Gain insights into the industry deals that are reshaping the climate tech landscape across diverse sectors. Our snapshot highlights the significant increase in climate-change-related deals in the construction and oil and gas industries during the second quarter of 2022. 

5. Patents Related to Climate Change in Different Industries:

Explore the intellectual property landscape and discover the patents related to climate change across various industries. Our snapshot showcases the rising interest in climate change research, as reflected by the increased share of climate-related patents compared to other patent categories in different sectors. 

6. Top Trending Themes Mentioned by Companies:

Stay ahead of the curve by exploring the top trending themes mentioned by companies in the construction, 08G, automotive, and utility industries. Our snapshot highlights the driving forces and emerging trends shaping the climate tech landscape, from sustainable construction practices to smart grid technologies and electric mobility solutions.

7. Innovations in Climate Tech Across Different Industries:

Witness the ground-breaking innovations revolutionizing the climate tech landscape across diverse industries. Our snapshot unveils the latest advancements in sustainable technology, ranging from renewable energy solutions to carbon capture and storage technologies. 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the climate tech market and investment landscape for Q1-Q2 2022. Download our full snapshot to access exclusive insights and stay informed about the latest trends, investments, and innovations driving the transition to a sustainable future.