Climate Tech: Market and Investment Overview Q1 2023

The surge in climate tech deal-brokering cooled down in Q1 from widespread investor frenzy in mid-year 2022. This comedown is as a result of recession fears rattling the markets. Across the leading regions of the globe in this segment, the United States recorded relative stability thanks to grant fundraising. Conversely, Europe experienced a significant decrease. This snapshot presents an inside scoop into the leading investment trends of an intriguing Q1 2023. Download the snapshot to learn valuable insights into what the rest of the year holds.

Here are the key highlights

1. Most-funded climate tech segments of Q1 2023

These are the latest global trends: 

EV charging network operators: the major players in EV charging received $1.5 billion in funding. Gas and diesel-power cars are responsible for climate change. A transitioning to easy-to-find EV charging stations will ensure that users can charge in any location they find themselves.

Electric car manufacturers: go-green automakers enjoyed a $1.7 billion funding boost. The goal here is to move away from internal combustion engines to achieve carbon neutrality before 2040. The software market also tends to benefit from EV manufacturing, drawing software developers and engineers from all over the globe to enhance EV programming. 

Green utilities companies: companies offering various forms of clean utilities enjoyed a decent $863 million in growth funding. This comprises power-generation systems involving the harnessing of wind, solar, earth, biomass, and water. Once positioned as a niche sector of the larger energy segment, green utilities companies are becoming highly sought-after when it comes to providing clean power the world over. 

2. The most funded companies in global climate tech in Q1 2023

Uncover key climate tech segments that attracted crunchy investments.

Summit carbon solutions: this American decarbonization platform received $1.0 billion in equity pledges to forward its partnership with leading industrial facilities. The world’s largest carbon capturer aims to absorb up to 20 million tons of carbon every year from dozens of ethanol and associated facilities across the Midwest.

Rivian: a burgeoning manufacturer of off-road electric pickup trucks, this company struck $2.5 billion in development funding for its adventure-focused business. Heavy funding from the likes of T.Rowe Price Associates, Amazon, Blackrock, puts Rivian in direct competition with the likes of Ford, General Motors,Tesla, and Lordstown Motors.
Ionity: this company is dedicated to creating high-powered charging station networks for electric vehicles in Europe. Investors supported its carbon-neutral driving blueprint by committing $791 million in funding. Its chargers offer up to 350kW charging capacity for superfast charging across European standard EVs.

3. Trading volume related to climate change business across various industries

Welcome to a curation of the dealings involving core climate change industries such as oil and gas, construction, automotive, and utilities industries. Deals in these segments exceed 242 in Q1 2023.

4. Climate-related patents growing amid a surge in climate tech interest

Here, we will delve into the creation and securing of intellectual property rights by tech developers across the multi-sectorial climate-tech use-cases.

5. Climate tech themes trending on social media

Here you will learn the major themes mentioned by companies associated with oil and gas, automotive, construction and utilities industries. These themes comprise keywords including circular plastic economy, electric vehicles, technology diversification, US outlook, Europe outlook, all examined under the umbrella of climate change. Stay connected on our Twitter page, speak the climate language, impress your followers.

6. Innovations in climate tech across various industries

From carbon alternatives for the manufacture of well construction cement in the United States to Europe’s largest battery energy storage system, we will explore interesting climate tech use cases to watch out for in Q1 2023.

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