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Testing Your Hardware Ideas with PoCs & Designing Full-scale Electronics Prototypes

Ideating a fancy wearable, an RFID-driven device to support your business services or maybe a next-gen smartphone? Make sure checking the viability of your idea is on your must-do list. For professional electronic engineering guidance and a helping hand, ask Softeq. From assessing the concept feasibility right at the PoC stage all the way up to crafting a fully functional hardware prototype — our engineers know how to secure the best possible outcome of your electronic product manufacturing endeavor.

Proof-of-Concept Stage: Ironing out Electronic Design Kinks

If your future gadget has all the makings of a complex electronic device, we would not recommend taking a headlong plunge into the unknown by going straight into the development process. We suggest cobbling up a PoC solution instead. Thrown together at a fraction of the design and manufacturing cost of the expected solution using a set of ready-made SoC- or FPGA-based development kits with a few custom tweaks, the PoC will help identify the possible bottlenecks and provide a clearer roadmap for designing an optimal system architecture of the solution.

Single Roof, Multiple Processes, Versatile Expertise of Engineers

We rely on the PoC results to proceed with full-on development stage. While normally, you may expect to work with multiple vendors on software, firmware and/or enclosure design, with Softeq you have all of these processes handled in-house. With such prototyping related activities as firmware development and enclosure design organized to run in parallel, with us you are guaranteed to get a workable product sample ready for trial production within a shorter time span than with the majority of service providers. From component selection and ordering to PCB design and fabrication through to board bring-up and testing, UL, CE, FCC product sample certification, as well as trial manufacturing and/or mass production — Softeq’s experts are ready to take on the process supervision at each electronic product development stage.

“Softeq provided competent Electrical Engineers and they applied current and common best practices. The product is complex and their overall architecture seems reasonable and appropriate for the complexity. They showed good engineering practices and good technology selections. The general quality of the documentation is good and there were no serious issues understanding the design intent and digging deep into design,” says our client.

Ensuring Functional Interoperability: Firmware Development

Our product prototyping offering draws on the versatility of our Embedded Programming team’s capabilities, delivering firmware development along the main hardware design process. Thanks to the in-house skill availability, unlike outsourcing firmware development to a 3rd-party service provider, our hardware team is in constant sync with the firmware engineers. This allows us keeping track of each other’s progress and ensure excellent interoperability between hardware and firmware. As a result, you get a faster turnaround time, lower re-development risks, and tighter control over the engineering processes.

Fit as a Glove: Enclosure Design

Enclosure prototyping goes in parallel with the PCB fabrication process taking into account all the critical parameters of the electronic product-to-be. They include the required thermal characteristics, airflow and cooling conditions, electromagnetic emission, cabinet dimensions, target material properties, and graphic design, among others. With electronics engineers and 3D modelers located virtually next-door, making on the fly tweaks to the enclosure prototype is easy. We’ll take you from start to finish — from sketching to a 3D computer model on to an enclosure prototype to a production-ready sample. Explore our enclosure design capabilites. 

In-depth QA Process

To ensure all deliverables meet the acceptance criteria of each implementation stage, our QA team scrupulously works towards the common goal of crafting a quality product. Present on the project starting from stage one, Softeq’s QA engineers employ proven verification procedures and relevant toolsets to inspect the output of each project milestone.

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