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Company Overview

We Build Custom Software & Hardware Solutions

Softeq develops custom software, embedded, and hardware solutions for startups and large corporation. We specialize in full-stack development. That means our software developers and hardware specialists can program on as low level as drivers and firmware; design and build PCBs and embedded electronics; implement software applications for web, desktop and mobile. These are standalone apps and complex ecosystems for the Internet of Things.

  • Established in 1997


    in 1997

  • Houston

    Key Locations:

    Houston, TX, USA — HQ
    Munich, Germany — Delivery
    Minsk, Belarus — Development

  • Manpower: 200 people


    300 people

  • Full-stack Development


    full-stack development

  • Customers: startups and Fortune 100 companies


    startups and Fortune 100 companies

  • Wearables, IoT, embedded solutions, mobile apps, desktop software, web systems

    Solution Focus:

    IoT, wearables, sensors, embedded solutions, mobility, desktop software, web systems

Our capabilities (interview)

Verify Concepts, Create End-to-End Systems

Our clients' needs range from concept feasibility assessment to full-on development. We’re ready to give your company expert support within your scope of needs: assess your concept’s feasibility; verify your solution or technology will be viable; implement a demo solution you’ll present to prospective investors; create custom software and hardware from the ground up — a standalone or an end-to-end system. Whatever solution needs you may have, we can handle them:

Assess Concept: R&D Works

If you need a roadmap for implementing your tech, we’ll conduct an R&D: analyze your needs, investigate industry best practices and scientific methods, and assess suitable technologies.

You’ll know if your vision is implementable, how much the implementation may cost, what technology is the best fit, what difficulties you may face and how to deal with them, as well as what stages the development will go through.

Verify Viability: PoC Apps

If you have doubts whether your proprietary technology will work as expected or if your future product will be useful and handy, we’ll develop a proof-of-concept solution — software, hardware (with or without enclosure) or both.

You’ll appreciate whether your concept is viable or if it still needs tweaking before you commit to a full-scale development. You’ll also get a rough idea of the potential production cost — often a decisive factor in electronic product development.

Showcase to Investors: Demo Apps

If you need a demo solution to showcase to potential investors or you’d like to test-drive a product with your target audience, we’ll create demo software with required functional capabilities.

You will get the feel of how your concept works in a real-world situation. The prospective investors and clients will get sensory experience of your solution and make an informed decision.

Adapt to Needs: Custom Solutions

Whether you need a custom solution developed from the ground up or you’d like to update your existing ecosystem, we know how to do it.

Depending on your goal, your solution may be smart enough to understand sensor data; enable software to communicate with hardware; process information at the backend; visualize collected data on the screen; back up information to the Cloud; interact with your existing systems; share content on social media sites.

Go IoT: End-to-end Solutions

We tap our full-stack capabilities to deliver end-to-end solutions.

An electronic product development may include a PCB, firmware, UI, and enclosure. Result: a sample and a complete set of documents ready for mass production.

A wearable and a mobile app with a web back-end make a multi-unit system that collects data, displays it on the screen, and stores it on the web server. Result: an integrated IoT system.

We have the required software development and hardware design skills, field knowledge, and processes for creating end-to-end solutions in-house.

Company with All Required Skills under One Roof

At Softeq, you’ll find the right people for the job under the same roof. If you’re after an electronic product, you don’t have to deal with multiple service providers. With us, you’ll have a team of hardware designers, firmware programmers, software developers, enclosure manufacturers, and QA engineers working virtually next door. A result of synched team-effort — a workable electronic device sample, which you can take to trial production.

Sustainable Solutions from Conceptualization Stage

We design solutions so that they remain sustainable throughout their lifecycle. For us sustainability starts as early as the conceptualization stage. That’s why we involve QA engineers already at the project assessment phase. They will check the requirements for feasibility, gauge the project scope, and work out the solution testing strategy. By the time you get our project estimation, your requirements have been proofed for implementation. Softeq’s QA engineers are key team members involved at every project stage to ensure your solution works as expected and scales to your company needs.

What's Next?

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