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Edge computingโ€”everything you wanted to know. And other riveting stories on technology
Learn how to optimally connect your IoT devices. Also, discover edge computing and what you need to know before implementing this technology.
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Does telemedicine actually work?
Understand the difference between telehealth and telemedicine and how they evolved during the pandemic. Also, check out opportunities for startups in the baby tech market.
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Key Technologies in Top Businesses: Softeq Insight
Learn how to avoid overpaying on your electricity bills. Also, check what IoT has in store for your pets and how the pandemic is altering the healthcare industry.
Sensors, wearables or reality captureโ€”what's right for your business?
Check how drones and IoT contribute to the construction and manufacturing industries. Learn how to retrofit legacy equipment to gain smart functionality without overspending.
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Will the IoT sector be ever back to normal?
Learn why 75% of IoT projects fail and check our tips to help you power through. Also, explore how the lockdown has impacted the IoT industry and what is trending up.