Softeq Launches Innovation Lab to Spur Real-World Solutions for Enterprise Intrapreneurs

Houston-based global development company serving Fortune 500 partnering with MIT Integrated Design and Management program and Boundless Technology to propel innovation amongst city’s B2B sectors

HOUSTON – November 16, 2020 – Softeq Development Corporation (Softeq), a Houston-based global full-stack development company serving the Fortune 500, today announced the creation of the Softeq Innovation Lab in the Bayou city. Launched in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Integrated Design and Management (IDM) program and Boundless Technology – a developer of novel technology ecosystems – the lab will provide an environment where intrapreneurs and preeminent innovators from Houston and beyond can collaborate, create the technologies of tomorrow and expedite the commercialization of ideas for Houston’s unique mix of enterprise companies.

"Many companies innovate, but few generate real-world ROI. At the Softeq Innovation Lab, we recognize the importance of developing an incubator that goes beyond innovation theatre and are rolling up our sleeves to achieve transformative disruption in enterprise companies,” said Christopher A. Howard, Softeq Founder and CEO. “The first wave of disruption was based in Silicon Valley. The second wave of disruption is occurring in industries central to Houston’s economy such as energy, health care and financial services. With technology rewriting the playbooks for these industries, Houston is the perfect venue for our Innovation Lab to enable companies to thrive in this new age of disruption.”

Corporate executive and product leaders will emerge from the Softeq Innovation Lab with the first draft of a breakthrough innovation for their business. They will co-create with preeminent innovators who have created billion-dollar businesses in some of the biggest companies in the world.

“The City of Houston is at the center of a powerful convergence between industry, innovation and proven intrapreneurs,” added Chuck Goldman, Principal at Boundless Technology. “The Softeq Innovation Lab brings together entrepreneurs, corporations and 20X innovators who have achieved ROI of at least 20X and built billion-dollar businesses.”

As part of the launch the Softeq Innovation Lab will host a series of Boundless Bootcamps, which connect participants to globally recognized corporate disruptors such as David Rose of Warby Parker and MIT Media Lab. Boundless Bootcamps are designed for product leaders and executive strategists in large and middle market organizations and breaks down the silos often present in corporate environments. Innovators with experience such as intrapreneurs inside of oil and gas, retail, manufacturing and financial services have been enlisted to support the program.

Participants will also receive an MIT IDM Certification from the nation’s top engineering, design and business program. “I’m thrilled to bring our leadership and human-centered design program to Houston to help intrapreneurs drive breakthrough growth in leading organizations” added Matt Kressy, Founding Director MIT IDM.

The Innovation Lab will launch virtually initially then move into a physical space in early 2021. The lab is seeking to engage Houston-based intrapreneurs from the region’s most innovative companies in the coming weeks and months and invites interested participant to submit a formal application. For additional information or to find out more about how to get involved please visit:


Founded in 1997 in Houston, TX, Softeq Development Corporation provides technical solutions to enterprise technology companies and innovative startups. As a full-stack software and hardware development service provider, Softeq bridges technology gaps in knowledge-intensive projects and builds end-to-end IT solutions from the ground up. To help clients make the transition from analog to digital, the company provides expertise in a variety of trending technologies including the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Industrial Automation, Robotics, Blockchain, and AR/VR. The company designs IT systems and connected devices for increased security and scalability. Softeq customers include Verizon, Epson, Microsoft, Lenovo, AMD, Disney, Intel, NVIDIA, and others. Learn more at


Boundless enables enable companies to deliver breakthrough growth by co-creating with 20X Innovators. Innovators who launched businesses with 20X ROI as intrapreneurs in some of the biggest companies in the world. In Boundless Bootcamps, companies co-create with the world’s preeminent innovators in AI, Computer Vision, Robotics, Blockchain, Age Tech, Digital Health, IoT, and the Future of Work. Boundless partners to build Intrapreneur Centers with corporate multipliers. Learn more at

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