Saving $400,000 in energy bills through technology. Can your business replicate it?

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Only 11% of companies that have deployed AI are seeing a sizable ROI. Is there anything you can do to start profiting?

Internet of Behaviors (IoB) is a trending tech for 2021, according to Gartner. What other trends should we be watching for in the coming year?

A U.S. telecom giant installed energy management information systems in their HQ and saved $400,000 in energy bills. Do you have to break the bank to replicate their success? 

This and more astounding news in a 10-minute read.

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To operate a device—be it a machine-tool, a smartphone, or smartwatch—you need an intuitive GUI that interacts with underlying hardware components and connects to target data points. If your solution requires a single-touch mounting display, multi-touch control panel, or complex connected mobile HMI ecosystem—for healthcare, industrial manufacturing, or automotive application—check out what kind of help is out there.

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