More Data Brings New Business Models—See Inside

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In this issue of the latest tech buzz: an AI-based solution to help detect fake works of art; top four tech advancements to help people live much, much longer; deepfakes to promote movies via social media. All that and more in a 10-minute read.

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IT outsourcing services can bring a competitive advantage. But how to know if you’re in the right hands? A trusted tech vendor has goodwill and internationally acknowledged expertise—our ISO certificates and certified tech partnerships can confirm this.

It’s also a win-win mindset to build a product with a sustainable company. The prestigious Inc. 5000 list, in particular, recognizes the fastest-growing US businesses. For the fourth consecutive year, Softeq earned a place there. Here's how you benefit from our recognition.

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Fall is coming... but let's recall the end of spring and the Houston Tech Rodeo, with deepfakes on the stage. Technology and innovation leaders from Houston masqueraded as famous people and tech celebs. The main hero of the event was the hypest technology swapping faces and voices. But can deepfakes bring more revenue to your business? Decide while watching the recap of the Deep Fake Live.

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