Investment Opportunities in the Automotive Industry, Q1-Q2 2021

Welcome auto aficionados to this all-inclusive market overview. We will be taking you on a tour of the emerging opportunities, best-funded companies, and latest tech-based initiatives in the transformative automotive sector in the US auto industry over Q1-Q2 2021. Buckle up as we take you through an enthralling ride through the autotech segment and the providers reshaping the modern transportation scene in the United States with these interesting snapshots.

Most Funded Autotech Segments and Companies

Let’s go over the top funded segments in the USA where self-driving vehicles, training data technology for autonomous cars, OEMs, fleet technology, and auto e-commerce are leading the pack.

Self-Driving Vehicle Technology: this sub-segment, concerned with the development and implementation of autonomous driving functionalities in vehicles received  $650 million in funding to enable its player to make continuous advances in advanced sensor technology, artificial intelligence, and self-driving algorithms. 

Training data: this sub-area of the industry interested in dataset training and validation attracted $634 million in investor commitment over the review period.  

OEMs: this sub-segment saw companies dedicated to the design and assembly of electric cars enjoy funding totaling $241 million in Q1-Q2 2021.

Fleet management: investors splurged $204 million on companies vested in the management and operation of fleets of vehicles. With the funds, telematics and vehicle tracking technology will record new breakthroughs. The perfection of fleet management in the auto sector will ensure cost savings and operational efficiency.

Auto e-commerce and content: as confidence in e-commerce grows post-pandemic, capitalists have staked $150 million to further the improvement of online retail and building of communities of automotive enthusiasts. Price comparison tools and car customization options will become enhanced in the future.

Notable companies in the most funded autotech segments

Cruise and Waymo (Self-Driving Vehicle Technology): Cruise now has clearance to transport passengers and employees in California in unmanned vehicles. Waymo has entered a test-run partnership with J.B. Hunt where the company will carry freight from Houston to Fort Worth using its class 8 autonomous vehicles. 

Scale (Training data): this full-stack generative AI platform helps auto companies perform data labeling and annotation using their enterprise data. The result is the development and improvement of autonomous driving systems for the vehicle’s perception and interpretation of the outside environment. Scale focuses on labeled dataset creation for the completion of crucial tasks such as traffic sign recognition, object recognition, lane detection, and pedestrian detection. 

Lucid (OEMs): EV has always been synonymous with luxury, but Lucid takes ostentatious driving a notch higher. Its brands of proprietary luxury sedans and SUVs promise astonishing power and dynamic control to titillate customers with a flair for next-level swanky driving. The Californian carmaker’s stock value is growing following its investor funding and a high full-year production volume.

Keep Trucking (Fleet management): its proprietary AI, Dashcam helps prevent accidents and protects fleet drivers. Its telematic imbuements enable real-time visibility into the location and optimization of vehicles, assets and equipment. Use fuel insights to save money on fuel.

The Zebra Jerry (Auto e-commerce and content): take the hassle of searching for auto services with the top marketplace listing every major auto service provider all in one place. The Zebra Jerry allows you to compare insurance policy rates, get personalized auto quotes and save hundreds of dollars every year.

Funding for key autotech segments

Electric Vehicles Funding: here you will see how 2021 compares with 2020 in the EV sub-segment. The global chip shortage has a hand in determining investor interest in the United States. You will also glean notable brands in America’s EV marketplace.

Autonomous Vehicles Funding: take a sneak peek into how well autonomous vehicles have swooned investor’s purses in 2021. You will also discover companies calling the shots in the self-driving vehicle department.

Connected Vehicles Funding: investor billions are piling into the connected vehicles subsector. See how 2021 compares with the previous year and how fiercely companies are jostling to be the front-runner in all things smart vehicles.

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