Climate Tech: Market and Investment Overview, Q2 2021–Q1 2022

Unlock the key insights and trends in the rapidly evolving world of climate tech with our comprehensive snapshot covering Q2 2021–Q1 2022. This exclusive overview offers a glimpse into the most funded segments, noteworthy companies, groundbreaking deals, and emerging themes that are shaping the climate tech landscape. Download our full snapshot to gain a deeper understanding of the market and seize the opportunities that lie within this dynamic and impactful industry.

Here are the key highlights:

1. Highlights of the Year 2021:

Explore the highlights of the year 2021 in the realm of climate tech. Our snapshot uncovers the most funded segments driving innovation and sustainability. Discover the significant investments made in electric pickup truck manufacturers, totaling an impressive $5.2 billion. Witness the growth of the electric car manufacturers segment, securing $3.0 billion in funding. Additionally, explore the rise of tech-enabled lithium battery recyclers, attracting $0.8 billion in investments.

2. Most Funded Companies:

Uncover the success stories of the most funded companies in the climate tech space during the covered period. Our snapshot showcases the achievements of Rivian, a leading manufacturer of off-road electric pickup trucks for adventurous souls, who secured a remarkable $10.5 billion in funding. Delve into the innovative world of View, a provider of AI and app-based smart window glasses for buildings, which garnered an impressive $3.5 billion in investments. Furthermore, discover the pioneering efforts of Nuro, an AI-enabled autonomous delivery vehicle provider revolutionizing logistics delivery, with $2.1 billion in funding.

3. Deals Related to Climate Change in Different Industries:

Gain insights into the deals that shape the intersection of climate change and various industries. Our snapshot provides a comprehensive overview of significant venture financing, mergers and acquisitions, asset transitions, and partnerships across industries such as construction, automotive, energy, and utilities. 

4. Climate Change-Related Patents in Different Industries:

Witness the increasing interest in climate change research through the lens of patents across diverse industries. 

5. Most Trending Themes Mentioned by Companies:

Stay informed about the most trending themes mentioned by companies in the construction, automotive, energy, and utilities sectors. Our snapshot highlights the topics that are driving conversations and shaping strategies in the pursuit of sustainable practices. 

6. Innovations in Climate Tech Across Different Industries:

Embrace the spirit of innovation by discovering the latest breakthroughs in climate tech across diverse industries. Our snapshot showcases the advancements in clean energy, sustainable materials, carbon capture, smart infrastructure, and other areas that are pushing the boundaries of climate-friendly technologies. 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to delve into the world of climate tech and gain valuable insights into the market and investment landscape. Download our full snapshot to access exclusive information and uncover the opportunities that await in the realm of sustainability and innovation.