Automotive in the U.S.: Market Review Q4 2021 & Full Year Highlights

Discover the pulse of the US automotive industry in Q4 2021 with our comprehensive market review. Download the full snapshot to unlock valuable insights and gain a competitive edge in this fast-evolving landscape. 


  • Most Funded Business Models and Companies:

Uncover the top-funded autotech segment in the US during Q4 2021. Taxi aggregators emerged as the frontrunners, securing significant funding and reshaping the transportation landscape. Dive deeper into their innovative business models and transformative impact.

  • Most Funded AutoTech Business Models in the US in Q4 2021:

Explore the funding leaders in the US autotech industry during Q4 2021. Ride-hailing and on-demand services platform Uber took the spotlight, revolutionizing the way we travel and capturing substantial funding. Discover their secrets to success.

  • Funding of Key Autotech Segments:

Delve into the funding landscape of key autotech segments that are driving the industry forward. Witness the financial support pouring into autonomous vehicles, electric pickup trucks, and taxi aggregators. These segments are spearheading transformative advancements.

  • Hot News in the Automotive Industry (Q4):

Stay informed about the latest developments and noteworthy news that made waves in the automotive industry during Q4. From ground-breaking technologies to industry collaborations, our snapshot delivers the hottest updates that impact the future of mobility.

  • Most Funded Business Models:

Unveil the most funded business models that secured substantial investments during Q4 2021. Autonomous vehicles took the lead, attracting a staggering $6.45B in funding, followed by electric pickup trucks with $5.17B and taxi aggregators with $2.26B. Witness the future of transportation taking shape.

  • Most Funded Companies:

Explore the trailblazing companies that secured significant funding during Q4 2021. Rivian, the manufacturer of off-road electric pickup trucks, secured $5.15B, followed by Cruise with $2.95B, offering SaaS-enabled solutions for autonomous cars, and Waymo with $2.5B, revolutionizing self-driving technology for mobility.


Unlock the power of data and insights. Download our full snapshot now to gain a comprehensive understanding of the US automotive industry in Q4 2021. Stay ahead of the competition and drive your success in this rapidly evolving landscape.