Automotive in the EMEA Region: Market Review Q4 2021 & Full Year Highlights

Gain valuable insights into the dynamic automotive landscape of the EMEA region in Q4 2021 and discover the full year highlights with our comprehensive market review. Download the complete snapshot to unlock a wealth of information and stay ahead of the curve.


  • Most Funded Autotech Segments and Companies:

Discover the most funded autotech segment in the EMEA region during Q4. Free float kick scooter rentals took centre stage, attracting significant funding and reshaping urban transportation. Dive into this revolutionary segment and explore the notable companies leading the way.

  • Notable Companies in the Most Funded Autotech Segments, Q4 2021:

Explore the innovative companies that excelled in the most funded autotech segments during Q4 2021. Witness their transformative solutions and learn how they are revolutionizing the automotive industry with their cutting-edge offerings.

  • Funding of Key Autotech Segments:

Uncover the funding landscape of key autotech segments that are driving innovation and progress. From electric vehicles to free float kick scooters and even futuristic flying cars, witness the financial support pouring into these game-changing technologies.

  • Hot News in the Automotive Industry (Q4):

Stay up to date with the latest hot news and industry-shaping events that unfolded in the automotive sector during Q4. From groundbreaking partnerships to technological advancements, our snapshot delivers the highlights that shaped the industry landscape.

  • Most Funded Business Models:

Witness the business models that secured the most substantial funding during Q4 2021. Electric vehicles took the lead, attracting an impressive $756M in investments, followed by free float kick scooters with $449M and flying cars with $251M. Explore the future of mobility and innovation.

  • Most Funded Companies:

Unveil the trailblazing companies that secured significant funding during Q4 2021. IONITY, the electric vehicle charging network, led the pack with $791M, followed by FlixBus with $650M, the app-based aggregator for bus tickets, and Polestar with $550M, the developer of electric cars. Learn from their success stories.

Unlock the full potential of the EMEA automotive market. Download our comprehensive snapshot now to gain a deep understanding of the industry landscape in Q4 2021 and the highlights of the full year. Stay ahead of the competition and embrace the future of automotive innovation.