Automotive in the EMEA Region: Market and Investment Overview - Q4 2022

As we move further into the new year, the automotive industry is showing no signs of slowing down. The EMEA region in particular has seen a surge in investment in the latest automotive technologies, with a clear emphasis on electric and autonomous vehicles. In this snapshot, we've compiled the latest market and investment trends in the EMEA region for Q4 2022, giving you an overview of where the industry is heading. From the top investment trends to the most funded companies and business models, we've got you covered. Read on for a sneak peek, and download the full snapshot for an in-depth analysis of the market.

Here are the key takeaways:

1. Top Three Investment Trends in Q4 2022

Discover the hottest investment trends in the EMEA region:

  • Electric vehicles: Companies advancing the technology of electric vehicles received the highest funding, with $608 million invested in Q4 2022.
  • Flying cars: The development of aerial vehicles and infrastructure solutions for the flying car ecosystem received $182 million in funding.
  • Subscription cars: Companies offering cars on a monthly subscription basis received $26 million in funding.

2. Most Funded Auto Tech Companies in Q4 2022

Find out which companies secured the most funding in the EMEA region:

  • Verkor: The manufacturer of solar-based batteries for electric vehicles received $248 million in funding.
  • Einride: The developer of autonomous self-driving delivery vehicles and freight mobility platforms secured $200 million in funding.
  • Velocopter: The provider of electric copters for urban mobility received $182 million in funding.

3. Insights from Auto Tech Experts

Learn about the latest emerging trends in the automotive industry, such as IoT, Metaverse, and cloud.

4. Latest News from Automotive Giants

Stay up to date with the most recent news from major automotive players in the EMEA region.

5. Most Funded Business Models

Explore the most successful business models in the auto tech industry, including:

  • Commercial electric trucks: Companies developing heavy-duty electric trucks for long-distance transportation of goods received $342 million in funding.
  • Perception software for autonomous vehicles: Companies providing AI and algorithm processing-based solutions using data from vision-based systems secured $285 million in funding.
  • Lithium-ion batteries: Companies manufacturing lithium-ion batteries for multiple categories of electric vehicles received $248 million in funding.

6. Most Funded Companies in Q4 2022

Discover the companies that received the highest funding in the EMEA region:

  • Volocopter: The provider of electric copters for urban mobility received $352 million in funding.
  • TTTech Auto: The provider of software and hardware solutions for autonomous driving secured $285 million in funding.
  • Wayve: The provider of AI and cloud-enabled software for autonomous cars received $200 million in funding.

7. Automotive Tech Trends on Twitter

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