Automotive in the EMEA Region: Market and Investment Overview - Q2 2022

Discover the latest market trends and investment opportunities in the fast-paced automotive industry within the EMEA region. Our comprehensive snapshot for Q2 2022 provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of automotive technologies and investments. Dive into the world of cutting-edge advancements and emerging players that are shaping the future of transportation. Download the full snapshot to access exclusive information and make informed decisions in this dynamic industry.

Here are the key highlights:

1. Top Three Investment Trends in Q2 2022:

Uncover the investment trends that are driving the automotive industry in Q2 2022. Our snapshot reveals the rising interest in non-conventional electronic vehicles, with a remarkable $172 million invested in companies designing and manufacturing electric trucks, bicycles, and ships. Explore the flourishing market for EV charging solutions, which received a substantial investment of $168 million, showcasing the growing demand for charging stations and related infrastructure. Additionally, discover the innovative solutions for public transportation that secured $135 million in funding, addressing the need for efficient and sustainable mobility options.

2. Most-Funded Autotech Companies in the EMEA Region, Q2 2022:

Witness the success stories of the most-funded autotech companies in the EMEA region during Q2 2022. Our snapshot highlights the achievements of Electra, a provider of solutions for electric vehicle charging, securing a remarkable $168 million in funding. Explore the innovative business model of Finn, an online subscription-based platform for cars, which received a significant investment of $110 million. Additionally, discover the ground-breaking Saas solutions offered by Optibus, empowering public transport companies and garnering $100 million in funding.

3. Automotive Technologies Trending on Social Media:

Stay in tune with the latest buzz surrounding automotive technologies by exploring the trends that are dominating social media discussions. 

4. Most Funded Auto Tech Segments in Q2 2022:

Delve into the most funded auto tech segments during Q2 2022, uncovering the areas that attracted substantial investments. Our snapshot highlights the sectors driving innovation and growth, presenting opportunities for both investors and industry players to capitalize on emerging trends and breakthrough technologies.

5. Expert Opinions on Emerging Automotive Trends:

Gain insights from industry experts as they share their opinions on the emerging trends and transformative forces shaping the automotive industry. 

6. Technology Innovations:

Explore the latest technological innovations revolutionizing the automotive industry. Our snapshot showcases the advancements in areas such as autonomous driving, electric mobility, connectivity, and smart solutions. 

7. Hot News from Automotive Giants:

Stay informed about the latest news and updates from automotive giants that are shaping the industry.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the automotive market in the EMEA region for Q2 2022. Download our full snapshot to access exclusive insights and stay ahead of the curve in this dynamic and rapidly evolving industry.