Automotive in the EMEA: Market and Investment Overview - Q1 2023

EMEA, comprising Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, has become one of the fastest-growing markets for the automotive industry. With electric vehicles (EVs) becoming increasingly popular and several companies investing in developing new technology, the automotive industry in EMEA has experienced significant growth in Q1 2023. In this blog post, we provide insights into the latest trends and developments in the EMEA automotive market, including investment data, recent innovations, expert opinions, and much more.

Electric Vehicles: The Most Invested Sector in Q1 2023, Dominating the EMEA Market

EVs continue to be the most invested sector in Q1 2023, with a total funding of $399M. The growing demand for eco-friendly transportation and the push towards reducing carbon emissions have contributed to the rise of EVs in the EMEA market. In fact, EVs are expected to account for 30% of all new cars sold in Europe by 2025.

One Moto Takes the Lead with a $150M Investment: Revolutionizing Multi-Category Electric Vehicles

One Moto, a developer of multi-category electric vehicles, took the lead in Q1 2023 with a $150M investment. The company aims to revolutionize the EV market with its innovative technology, offering a range of vehicles from motorcycles to small commercial vehicles. With the rising demand for EVs, One Moto's investment is expected to fuel its growth and accelerate the development of new models.

Insights from Automotive Experts: AI, Connected Mobility, Cloud, and Telematics

To provide a holistic view of the EMEA automotive market, we spoke with experts from Phyron, VNC Automotive, and other industry leaders to get their opinions on the latest trends and developments. From the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and connected mobility to the use of cloud and telematics, our snapshot provides a comprehensive overview of the industry's future.

The Future is Here: 6 Exciting Innovations Rolled Out in Q1 2023 by Volvo, ABB, and More

The EMEA automotive industry has seen several exciting innovations rolled out in Q1 2023. Companies like Volvo and ABB have introduced new products that are set to transform the way we drive and use vehicles. From electric buses to intelligent charging stations, these innovations are paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future. Download our full snapshot to learn more.

Who's Ready to Invest and Improve Safety for EVs in the EMEA? Dive in for More Industry Trends and Developments

The EMEA automotive market is constantly evolving, and we have seen several companies step up to invest in the development of new EV models and improve safety for EVs. In our full snapshot, we provide a detailed overview of the companies investing in the market, the latest safety features, and much more.


In conclusion, the EMEA automotive market has experienced significant growth in Q1 2023, and the rise of EVs has been a major contributing factor. With several companies investing in new technology and innovations, the future of the industry looks promising. If you want to stay up to date on the latest trends and developments in the EMEA automotive market, be sure to download our full snapshot by filling out the contact form.