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Fusing Fashion with Technology: A BLE enabled Luxury Wearable Accessory with Unique Smart Capabilities

  • Luxury wearable accessory
  • Fashion with technology
Luxury wearable accessory
Fashion with technology
Wearable Tech

Wearable Tech





Softeq helped a manufacturer of advanced wearable health and fitness devices craft a smart luxury wearable accessory, contributing its firmware and mobile app development expertise.

The team also provided expert advice on optimizing the device power consumption along with special production tools for ensuring solution workability during the smart jewelry mass manufacturing.

Fast Facts

Client: WiseWear Corporation, manufacturer of advanced wearable health and fitness devices

Industry: Wearables

Country: USA

Engagement Model: T&M

What were the Client’s expectations of the service provider?

The client required a service provider who could implement the client’s vision for an advanced luxury wearable solution by fusing fashion with technology. The potential service provider was to stand out through proven skills in hardware design, firmware development, and mobile software implementation. With almost two decades of focused low-level programming and software development expertise under its belt, Softeq qualified for the project, taking an expert position and providing guidance on hardware fine-tuning and on-demand workaround possibilities.

Project Description

What was the goal of the project?

Softeq’s team was to implement a smart solution, consisting of firmware, Android and iOS apps, to underlie the luxury wearable accessory. The team also provided an added technical advantage for the initiative by creating production tools that ensured the solution workability during the smart jewelry mass production.

What are the product’s functional capabilities?

BLE enabled, the smart jewelry builds on two-way data exchange between smartphone and bracelet, operating with low power consumption. The luxury accessory is created for women and allows monitoring their health and safety conditions.

Key Features:

  • Real-time mobile notifications about calls, text and email to the bracelet in the form of discrete vibrations
  • Updates on daily activity performance: step count, calories burned, distance traveled, time active/inactive, etc.
  • Safety function that allows sending a distress signal to a pre-approved list of contacts, along with optional geolocation and sound recording of the surroundings
  • Possibility to manage the list of pre-approved contacts, vibration patterns, touch patterns, types of notifications, and more

All bracelets are made of brass and plated in precious metals such as gold and palladium, offering water resistance, antimicrobial properties, and extreme durability.

Did the team confront any challenges during the project implementation?

Given the fact the iOS platform does not support direct access to the contact list, the team had to come up with a workaround using VoIP service to allow distress messaging.

The team also provided expert advice on optimizing the device power consumption. To allow the device to be capable of processing data for 5 days without recharging, the team implemented the deep-sleep mode interrupted by external hardware calls sent by the BLE module.

Softeq provided another workaround for the hardware chip, which was expected to support unpairing from a smartphone using both secure and non-secure connection. If the phone has been lost leaving the wearable jewelry disconnected for 3 days, the accessory automatically gets unpaired from the missing phone to allow pairing with a new smartphone.

What methods are used for insuring the solution security?

The solution leverages the security capabilities implemented within the BLE technology — BLE gatt. It allows establishing exclusive connections, meaning that a BLE peripheral can only be connected to one central device (a mobile phone, etc.) at a time.

What project methodology did the team employ?

Softeq’s team employed a Waterfall project management methodology due to well-defined requirements availability.


Did the team manage to meet the project goals successfully?

The resulting solution demonstrates unique capabilities, transmitting BLE through metal 5 times further than conventional Bluetooth. The fashionable ‘beauty and brain’ piece is scheduled for soon release and can be pre-ordered at www.wisewear.com. The collaboration continues, with Softeq being engaged in integration of the smart solution with Google Fit and Apple Health Kit that will enable users to track their health and fitness data aggregated from multiple apps.