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Connected Solutions for Personal,
Business & Industry-Specific Needs

Personal and Professional Needs

We create devices you can seamlessly link to a personal or local area network. If you need a wellness device, a smart fashion item, an energy or security monitoring system, a sensor-driven solution or an enterprise webcam, Softeq’s embedded engineers have the right experience for the job. The solutions we design address all critical aspects of a connected device: they support seamless communication, employ strong security mechanisms, consume low power, update over the air and are convenient to use both remotely and locally.

Industrial Automation

We create industrial control units for automating technical processes by issuing commands, collecting data from sensor systems, monitoring the environment for alarm conditions, and pushing the aggregated telemetry to remote displays. Softeq’s electrical engineers boast multi-facet experience in the industrial tech field. Some of the Linux and RTOS based HMI and communication controllers they’ve built are employed to aid semiconductor fabrication, industrial wire and cable coding, as well as robotic production line control.


Softeq stands out for software and hardware solutions installable in buses and trucks. Whether we design an end-to-end solution or a standalone CPU module, the reliability of the system comes first. The resulting solution will operate at an extended temperature range, communicate through noise immune interfaces using specially secured noise-free power supply. Softeq’s connected systems enable in-vehicle multimedia systems interfacing, video capture and processing, GPS/GSM based vehicle location tracking, car heating, ventilation and air conditioning control, to name a few.

Some of the connected systems we’ve contributed to stir buzz at such global electronics and technology events as CES and IDF.

Internet of Things:

Connect Solutions, Collect Data, Make Informed Decisions

Wearable Tech:

From Device Design to Complete Gadget-to-Application Ecosystems

Proximity Solutions:

A Leg Up on Competition with Micro-Location and Contextual Data

HMI Engineering:

From Front Panel Buttons to Complex HMI Controls

Machine Learning

Monitor Behaviors, Identify Patterns, Predict Peaks, Forecast Problems

Connectivity Solutions:

Secure Real-Time Device-to-Device, Device-to-Software Communication

Sensor Design:

Empower Devices with Sensing Capabilities

Augmented Reality:

AR & VR Solutions for Business

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