Staying Ahead of the Curve in the High Tech Business

Our past achievements provide a strong foothold for us today.Here’s how we’ve progressed, and we cannot be stopped!


On the Innovation Frontier

Softeq's philosophy and motto is “Software Development ahead of the Curve”. It implies our zeal for innovation, our passion for the latest technology, our proprietary developments and unique expertise cherrished by our team. We've been following this path for over 20 years now, throughout all our evolution story. What's in it for you? Softeq is often the most competent software development service provider on the market when a novel technology or device comes out. It happened so with GPU computing, high-speed video streaming and processing on mobile, AR and VR, drone technology, IoT and wearable tech. There's more to come this year, so stay tuned! 

  • 250 top-notch engineers, programmers, business analysts, UI and UX designers, QA specialists and project managers
  • 75% of our team are senior and lead level professionals with a diverse technical and business background
  • 400 projects successfully delivered to clients from innovative startups to gigantic Fortune 500 companies