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Technology Talent of Your Choice

If you are on the lookout of a certain technology skill to drive your project, it’s 90% likely you’ll get hold of the required qualification at Softeq. Softeq is a cross-functional team, made up of several engineering competency centers, spanning hardware, embedded, desktop, mobile and web fields. Each of them has a productive environment for efficient knowledge sharing within their unit, and a clockwork delivery process best-suited for the area of expertise. While on cross-functional projects being part of a bigger team allows Softeq to take into account all interdependencies and create a coherent solution that works smoothly at all levels. Browse the list of our core tech skills to find the competency you need:


C/C++ allows us to avail of native device capabilities and is preferred for the development of solutions that are closely knit with and build upon low-level functionality: sophisticated GPU-driven apps, complex parallel computing, multiple embedded and desktop projects.


The Qt framework is the #1 technology for our desktop application development team and a winning choice for the majority of cross-platform solutions with compelling, visually rich UIs, as well as for many embedded projects for screen-enabled devices and connected solutions.


Driven by the open-source principles and harboring Linux kernel under the hood, Android has become a go-to platform not only for mobile projects, but also for an endless array of custom Android-powered devices. We have both Java and C/C++ acumen to handle Android projects on the app- and kernel levels.


Pushed forward by Objective-C and Swift professionals, the iOS ecosystem has grown to embrace more complex relations based on interaction with other Apple devices (wearables, nearables, home automation, and more). At Softeq, we take advantage of a plethora of ecosystem opportunities to create compelling apps for the iOS user base.


Xamarin has become an unrivaled soldier for a cross-platform mobile product strategy. Unlike many wrappers, Xamarin provides the dev community with possibilities to exploit native platform-specific capabilities of devices and build native UIs with one shared C# codebase. Xamarin is a surefire tool for Softeq’s cross-platform mobile team.


.NET is a universal technology for the Windows-based desktop, web, and mobile environment, and now with Xamarin its power has been reinforced to encompass mobile cross-platform projects. Softeq has a proven .NET competency to develop highly productive enterprise web and desktop apps, as well as lightweight and nimble mobile solutions.


Java is unbeatable for large-scale highly integrated enterprise web systems, sophisticated back-end services, complex SOA-solutions and event-driven workflows. We have senior-level Java expertise on the Softeq web team and boast a holistic development approach from data engineering to architecture design to app user interactions.

JavaScript & Front-end

With single-page applications holding sway, JavaScript frameworks power the interactive real-time web of today. Shifting the lion’s share of logic to the client side, while enabling on-demand asynchronous interaction and swift response times, pays off with high user engagement and loyalty. Our ardent JS-specialists have got the hang of the idea.


We utilize Unity3D cross-platform development capabilities to build highly interactive mobile, console, and desktop apps. The range of application is manifold: architecture design, 3D visualizations, simulation apps, indoor navigation, smart home, machine learning based systems, and robotics.

If your solution is not dictated by any type of technology input, Softeq will provide an all-round examination of your targets to set optimal tech trajectory for your product implementation. If you have just a well-defined business concept on hand and no clue about technical ins and outs, don’t be filled with dread by looming unfamiliar choices! Softeq will consult you on the technical side of your solution to define a well-balanced option for an optimal cost-result ratio.

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