Softeq's Midsummer Tidbits to Set You in the Right Mood for the Hot Season

Whether you find yourself daydreaming about a remote vacation getaway or you've just returned from a trip completely recharged and kicking, Softeq has a bunch of exciting updates in store to help you transition from “on” to “off work” mode or back.

Chris Howard

Point-blank: How to Master Innovation?

In an interview with Developer Economics, Softeq's Founder and CEO Chris Howard lifts the lid on the essential business tactics you need to get a leg up on the newest tech fields.

By the way, we are still celebrating Softeq's recognition as a Top Wearable App Developer 2015! Woohoo!!!


Drones: Not Just another Buzzword

At Softeq we keep a close eye on new big things on the horizon, always looking for ways to put the touted innovations to the test. Are drones on your watch list? Our hands-on experience in creating custom applications utilizing data received from devices equipped with sensors (e.g. 3-axis position sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, etc.), apps producing video overlaid with metadata, as well as itinerary and flight management software, could make a reliable launching pad for your upcoming initiative in this promising field.

Las Vegas

So, what happened in Vegas?

Softeq teamed up with an interactive light furniture and art manufacturer to help integrate a set of 17" touch screen LED displays into a table top. The solution is expected to provide an arresting sensory experience and incredible interactivity through myriads of touch responsive micro LED lights, social integration, and games to reinvent the guest experience in Entertainment and HoReCa business. The multisensory piece was demoed at the recent HD Expo in Las Vegas, drawing curious crowds to explore the mesmerizing hi tech novelty.

Mobile Sports Apps

On the Radar: Mobile Sports Apps

Need an extra stimulus to get moving in the sports app development field? We've created a roster of activity boosting mobile sports solutions that help users stay on a healthy track.

Brand New Office

Our Brand New Office: Paying Tribute to Beautiful Minds of the Past

Take a look at our new development facilities that pay homage to the science, technology, and design trailblazers and innovators of the past, while adding extra fuel to our engineering geek mettle.


Customer Feedback Alert: Go Clubbing with Gantom

Quan Gan of Gantom — the manufacturer of the world's smallest LED spotlights that are DMX controllable and easy to manage, update, and use in space constrained environments — shines a personal spotlight on his experience of collaborating with Softeq. Tune in to our Youtube Channel to hear more customer feedback and get a glimpse into our work and fun life!


If Things Get Hot

Have an enjoyable and productive summertime! And remember, should you need a fresh injection of engineering intelligence in all things mobile, embedded electronics, and web to help you through the hot season, we're a click away.


Your Softeq Team

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