Stardate 2016.20:

Our 20-year High Tech Mission, Texas Startups, Operation Stats, and Latest Endeavors

If you’re about to embark on an epic tech discovery this year, we are ready to help you get off the launch pad with a boost from our technical skill set. From full-stack IoT and wearables to desktop, embedded, mobile, and web, we have the experienced team for the job. Check out some of our project missions below for possible destinations on your own project roadmap. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask, as chances are we’ve been there and done that. Fasten your seatbelts! Off we go!

3-2-1 Blast-off!

Plan for 2017
The New Year has blasted off and three weeks have already flown by at warp speed. In High Tech business it’s all about time to market or you’re quickly eclipsed by another competitor, just like Didi Chuxing engulfed Uber's brand and business in China. Meanwhile, a full solar eclipse will occur on 8/21 this year and will darken US skies from coast-to-coast for the first time since 1918. So what’s your eclipse evasion plan for 2017? :-)

Some 2016 Mission Operation Stats

Some 2016 Mission Operation Stats
20 Years

20 Years in Business and Counting

We’re thrilled to celebrate Softeq’s 20th year of innovating on the front lines of the global Software & Technology industry. A significant milestone, we’re looking forward to another year of new exciting technological discoveries and challenging solution deliveries. Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality projects are already on our 2017 To-Do list. Thank you for accompanying us on this wild rocket ride, whether you joined us during the days of dial-up or hitched a ride with us just recently along the Information Superhighway. Wait, did we just say that out loud?


Captain’s Log

At Softeq, we love sharing our insights with our fellow members of the tech community. Here’s a selection of our most recently published articles:
Our Insights

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Tech in Texas

Putting the Tech in Texas

A Texas-native, Softeq has been actively participating in the startup networking events organized by the local tech communities in our home state. From Station Houston, to Capital Factory in Austin, to 1 Million Cups in Dallas, we’re excited to share our software and hardware engineering experience and expertise with entrepreneurs who’ve just stepped onto the innovation path. We love getting together with established players working on next-gen solutions too. Need help implementing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or a POC (Proof of Concept)? Let's talk at the nearest local event, y’all!


Latest Missions

iPad Demo App for a Pro Basketball Association

iPad Demo App

Who: A world leading microprocessor manufacturer.

What: An iPad demo app for the nation-wide professional basketball association in the U.S.

Use Case: An iOS app that enables the association’s coaches and managers to supervise player data, assess trade and transaction opportunities, as well as handle budget changes.


Next-Gen Analog Photo Scanning System with On-the-fly Red Eye Reduction

Photo Scanning System


What: A desktop app supplied with EPSON’s advanced photo scanner.

Use Case: The software provides fast batch processing of analog photos and convenient image management, while performing red eye reduction on the fly.


Client-server App for Facilitating Tennis Games among Pro and Casual Players

Client-server App

Who: A US-based digital tennis platform provider.

What: A client-server app for connecting professional and casual tennis players to promote and to facilitate game.

Use Case: The app enables members to conveniently book courts and lessons, as well as invite other players for a match. For professional players, the solution provides the possibility to create lessons and promote them to the members.


POC Dashboard for Multi-Device Data Visualization

Multi-Device Data Visualization

Who: An automated test equipment producer.

What: A Proof-of-Concept web-based dashboard for test equipment visualization of results featuring a set of widgets adaptable for use on multiple devices — from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets.

Use Case: Responsive design enabled, integrated with the customer’s backend, and capable of operating in run mode, the dashboard showcases smooth and convenient equipment test results with visualization on a variety of devices.


Privacy and Security Control Online Shopping Solution

Online Shopping Solution

Who: uQontrol.

What: A Chip & PIN payment technology enabled solution for secure online transactions.

Use Case: By securely storing card data and other sensitive information off the grid, the solution, equipped with in-built Internet browser, unlocks a seamless, intuitive online shopping experience fully protected from external threats.

A finalist for Last Gadget Standing at CES 2017, the solution has been covered by Fortune, Techworld, and ZDNet.


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Whatever technology boost your next important project may require, we would be happy to provide the skills and speed you need for success. Press the intercom button and we’ll get back to you for details!


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